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Adding HERE Maps To Thumb Drive For Synctool Update

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Hi, Guys!

I just downloaded the updates provided to me through Naviextras and am going to update my 8100NEX tomorrow. I had a thought, however. Is it possible to use his same thumb drive via the Synctools protocol if I were to add the 2015 Q3 maps and licenses I downloaded recently? I was going to replace all of the associated files in their respective folders, poi's, buildings, etc, and try it.

Would it work or should I just update the maps as it is spelled out here in the forum?




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Not quite sure what you are asking, but I would install the updates you currently have now on your USB drive using the SyncTool.  Once those are installed, then make sure everything is deleted off the USB and re-run Sync from your 8100.  Then go back to your computer and purchase the 2015 Q3 Map update.  Then install the new maps on the 8100 via the SyncTool.  I wouldn't play around with updates on these units.  Too many folks "do their own thing" or don't follow the update instructions and brick their unit.  Hope that helps!

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I can clarify. I downloaded the 2015 Q3 HERE maps that were eluded to on this forum. I went to that site and downloaded all of the maps, poi's, extended poi's, buildings, licenses, etc. Most folks have done this successfully using the flash/update script (similar to the test mode I used on my F90BT) and then "forcedly" copying them into the folders. I was just wondering if I could just replace the existing files I got from Naviextras and replace them with the downloaded HERE files and THEN try to put them in using the synctool in the nav pull down menu. It's no big deal. at the risk of hosing this unit I guess I will do it like all the rest.



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So I'm wondering the same thing, can I just throw the folder that 69sixpackbee was referring to and it's Pioneer license onto my 6100 and be good to go? Or do I have to crack iGo with the instructions on this forum? If so, can NextGen and Here maps be used interchangeably or do I have to pick one? Thanks in advance. I spent a lot of time on gpspower and found bits and pieces of the puzzle :)

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