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just wondering if anybody knew where the latest maps can be found for the X950bh i can't seem to find them anywhere. i've searched the forum to no avail and it seems most sites just act as if this model was never made but have the x930bt etc. thanks for any info gained 

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Hi dlbrow10!


The place where I look for new maps is here:



My unit is a 9310bt, I've been going in regularly to see if the new 2016 maps are out yet. Nope! There are 2015 Maps available now for all units except for models with a '50' in the model number.. ie: the 950 or 850 there are 2014 maps available now.


In the past the new maps seem to come out (for Pioneer) in July or August ... which is when I have purchased mine.


So hopefully you will be able to get a new one soon.



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