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5100NEX Android Auto

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Agreed. I'd like to know as well. 

I noticed a seller on eBay offering the service of upgrading the software for AA on this series, but insists you contact before purchase. I'd like to know if the process is out of my league or not. Need more details on this for my 6100. 


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just wanted to share my experience with Android Auto on AVIC-F970DAB (european version of 5100NEX)::

I purchased the Android Auto "license" by asd255 from eBay and everything worked like a charm. The procedure is very easy, asd255 sent me some files to copy on a usb device. Had to run 2 different scripts, first is to collect information from the headunit, second is to activate Android Auto. Doable for everyone who is familiar with personal computers.

I have to say thank you very much indeed, asd255, and can only encourage other people to give it a try, too! About 27 euros for activating Android Auto on my AVIC is way cheaper than buying a  new one from pioneer ;-)

Greetings from Germany!


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