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  1. AVIC-5200NEX bypass or not

    I have a 5200 too, I just grounded the parking wire and used the software bypass when you press the lower left corner or something, and all settings are available even when driving.
  2. map update 2019Q2 NA

    I have a 5200NEX with 1.08 firnmware, I need a patched iGo library? your maps would work on my device?
  3. 5100NEX Android Auto

    @asd255 how? Most of us don't speak russian and maybe the info is on 4pda, but could you explain in english? thanks
  4. ebay maps

    If buying the map on eBay, do they come with a proper license that looks like this "Pioneer_LMG_for_North_America_SKU_2004688_2018_Q3.lyc" or not? Because installing the FBL or others will not work, you need a license.
  5. The AVIC Development Mod

    I have 1.07 on my 5200, if I upgrade to 1.08 will the goldenapple.tst still work? or should I stay with 1.07 to patch it?
  6. Unit that supports newer bluetooth codecs?

    In case someone find this old thread from google, I can tell you my old 5200NEX supports AAC with my android phone.
  7. The AVIC Development Mod

    Do you have a valid lyc file for 2017Q3? A file with a name like: Pioneer_LMG_for_North_America_SKU_2004688_2017_Q3.lyc ? It is easy to find maps, but there is never a lyc file and we need it for Pioneer unit...
  8. The AVIC Development Mod

    it should be 4pda
  9. The AVIC Development Mod

    I think testmode_a lets you boot in android and testmode_n in the NOR bootloader or something, I don't know if you can have a script there on your usb key or something to reflash from here? Some people here knows more than me. Or I guess you can open your unit to take the SD card out and copy a raw image of your firmware on it.
  10. The AVIC Development Mod

    If you just want to upgrade your firmware you do not need the testmode key, what do you want to do exactly?
  11. The AVIC Development Mod

    I don't know for the 5000, but I have a 5200 and there is a BOOT folder in the firmware. I have some background on unix and for me, the "write" will do a raw copy (using the dd command) of the file image directly into the partition.
  12. The AVIC Development Mod

    From what I understand, on your USB key if you put the firmware AND the testmode key, from the menu you will be able to flash separate partition as you will. For instance if you fucked up your "platform" partition (/system), from this menu you can reflash it individually.
  13. MHL not working?

    True, I know my Zenfone2 does not support MHL for instance :-/
  14. No theme possible on x200NEX ?

    I tried to install a theme on my 5200NEX (running firmware 1.07) but everytime I restart the unit, it deletes my ux folder and the iGO apk is reinstalled, the folder/files go back to original and dated January 2016. Anyway to theme the navigation? Delete the iOG.apk?