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locked avh 4200

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bought this nex 4200 from a no good source and didnt bother to tell me before he sold it to me that it was locked and had no password ..... any help would great



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I had to clean off my battery terminals and forgot my password apparently. ( swear I have the right one) .  I've ran the perl script and created my testmode_a.key and have placed it on a fat32 formated usb, however... I can't get the faceplate to open up to be able to insert said usb...


any help is appreciated.  I don't want to have to remove the device from my truck.  Before you ask, I have tried the pin to the right of the eject button.  All it seems to do is cycle the device into post and boot, and then ask for the password again.


(NEX 4200)


I'm a database administrator with production databases on RHEL 7 and HPUX so I think I can make my way around an andriod device ok with a little help from smart people about the pioneer.

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