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AVIC-MRZ088 how can I...???

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Well I have a AVIC MRZ088




When I brought the car the owner said "Oh dont worry about the stereo unit just upgrade it from the internet"


How wrong was he.


I cant even find the 'settings' button


I know the unit can read English as when I insert the USB a list of the songs come up in English


I would like to upgrade/firmware/software (whatever i have to do) the unit to English


Im not that stupid when it comes to files etc etc but i notice I have to back-up files using the winCE files, but lke I said i cant even find the settings button as EVERYTHING is in japanese

Can someone, anyone please advice or help


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It is possible to convert ur unit to english, it is done using the Hybrid version of the software, then you can use the italian multilanguage or Ryar's avicnet versions.


Be sure to backup ur entire my flash disk first.


Good luck

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