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Smartphone Confirm bypass for x000 units

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On 04/04/2017 at 9:41 PM, r007 said:

Want to get rid of this screen?


This is a direct extension of (and includes) asd255's pl_confirm modification from this post.
Savvy users may want to change the SDCard*Version.txt contents ("CHANGEME") to the values shown in the copy script screen, since these overwrite the ones on your SD. You can safely cancel the Copy Script screen, plug the stick back into your computer, edit the files, and put it back on your NEX. (That's what I did first time).
Other than that, the same instructions for installation apply (see the spoiler in the linked post).

The modification includes a binary file written and compiled by me.
If you don't trust that binary, you can of course compile it yourself, although it is a bit of effort.
The source code is available on request in the AVIC Hacking Slack.

asd255 has now had it for a while and (I quote) "on 20+ devices [e]verything works great", so I hope this works for you just as well.
Again, from the title, this only works on the x000 platform (incl. AVIC-F960BT / AVH-X8600BT / SPH-DA120). Not on the x100!

Please enjoy your newfound freedom from annoying confirmation screens responsibly.


Will this work on the AVH-x8700??


Many thanks

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