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I need to find the original firmware for this model. I screwed up and installed a firmware update for a AVIC-5200 and now maps will not load and I get a message that positioning is not available because of hardware.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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If you used V1.04 on a 5201 you bricked the unit and damaged it.

One very important thing to know, the firmware/hardware on 5201 is not the same as a 5200. When Pioneer came out with the 5201nex they have new firmware that is not the same as a 5200nex 

If you look up a 5201 on Pioneer's site you'll notice there is no firmware update for that model yet.

If you took v1.04 and updated a 5200 you have damaged the unit. 

I work in distribution for Pioneer and unfortunately have had a few people call us telling us they have done the same thing. If you do this the unit is not covered under Pioneer's warranty. I've been told by a few that have done this, the radio tuner disappears as a source and a few other small navigation errors.

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I am one of those people that flashed the wrong firmware "update" on my 5201. My deck boots now but it self-identifies as a 4200 and half of the features don't work. It's... not great.

Would very much appreciate a virgin 5201 firmware image. Don't even care which FW version at this point. Anything to save me from shipping this thing back to Pioneer HQ would be fantastic.

Please and thank you.

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