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  1. Has nothing to do with the 4200. If you have to keep refreshing the signal, its a problem on the siriusxm side of things
  2. pioneer cxc8857 tuner box

    Don't see anything online and don't see it listed at pac-part either
  3. SPH-DA120 new firmware 1.14

    Appradio 4 model sph-da120 is going bye bye. One of the big boys bought all the remaining inventory from Pioneer and they are discontinuing this model very soon.
  4. 8200NEX Spotify?

    The 8200 only has Pandora. It does not have Spotify as a source. Last years (2016) 3800-5800 models and this years avhx390bs and 490bs have Spotify as a source. You can only use Spoitfy on your 8200 via BT or with CP or AA.
  5. pioneerus

    Maybe ebay or craigslist
  6. AVIC-8200NEX Incompatible USB

    Sometimes you have to plug the usbc cable direct into the back of usb1 for the 8200. If you are using the extension harness that came with 8200 then using another cable plugged in, AA does not like communicating thru 2 cables especially if they are longer than 2-3 feet.
  7. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    I don't think you need to ground the parking brake if you're doing the quadrant bypass
  8. How do you test an Avic-F90bt?

    You might be able to ground the green wire and see the greyed out settings. If not you may have to move a pin in the harness and then ground the green wire.
  9. AVIC Z3 touch buttons not aligned

    Does that model not have a calibrate section in the settings?
  10. Where is Everyone

    There seems to be not many people using this site like there used to be. Has something changed or is there like a private facebook group that everyone has migrated to?
  11. F320bt problem with screen

    Call Pioneer to see if they can fix it or contact United Radio in Syracuse NY as they are the east coast repair facility for Pioneer models.
  12. Is there a way to fix iPhone Battery Issue?

    Take it to an Apple store and let them run a test on the phone.
  13. Please help for AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120 !

    Nothing you can do. Tuners and models made here for the US are very different from overseas models made for the Euro and other country markets.
  14. AVIC8100 Will Not Power On

    I have seen this happen in vehicles where the unit has direct sunlight or inside the vehicle gets extremely hot. If your RV sits and you don't have any kind of battery tender on it, it may be a power source thing. Maybe the battery in the rv that specifically runs the radio source may be weak. I know rv's sometimes tend to have more than 1 battery in them so get a meter and check voltage on all the batteries first before doing any charging. If voltage is dropping below x number of volts, maybe 9-10, it just may be a weak/bad battery.
  15. How and where to update Maps NEX7100?

    I have updated my 7100. its a very simple process. Create an account at naviextras and update the maps there. Here's a link to it https://pioneer.naviextras.com/shop/portal One important thing I found out after I updated the maps, you will lose any information stored in the nav so I lost all of the address I had saved in the address book. Make sure to write em down before you do the update especially if you keep a lot of addresses.