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Password AVH Reset

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On 5/25/2020 at 4:21 PM, TheWurtzPerson said:


I downloaded the dropbox file and was able to put it in my thumb drive. I have a Pioneer Avic-5200nex. I plugged it in and tried to go to factory default and initialize it. I kept getting an error screen that contains the photo attached. I tried activating and inactivating my Bluetooth and it still gives me this. I have no idea what it means by "please turn the power off to test Bluetooth." I don't have anything connected to Bluetooth and not sure how I can turn off the power without that screen turning off as well. I am stuck and not sure what to do. 


When you reach here. Switch off the vehicle (turn off power) remove the flash drive. Then turn on the vehicle (power on) then your done!

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On 12/17/2017 at 4:41 PM, C.MO45 said:

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! This method works for the AVIC-5000NEX AS WELL. My unit has been locked up because the screen calibration went off after the last firmware update and I replaced my battery... Much respect and appreciation. BLESS

Could I see the whole post?  I have the same issue. Thanks 

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Hello everyone
I tried to insert the usb with the program but it does not work with AVH Z9200dab from 2020, I would just like to do a total reset in developer mode because when I do it through the regalge menu it does not work well I still have my old phones , I have a new iphone 13 pro when I configure it, it configures correctly so I have carplay which is displayed, as soon as I switch off the vehicle and I leave 5 minutes after the radio has lost the telephone, and now even my music on my USB keys no longer works after 20 minutes, I have error 05 on any USB key, I am a little disappointed

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I know my password. Im at keyboard screen only. Bottom row on keyboard is not working. I press a key for numbers or GO/and it presses the keys above. How do I activate or use my keyboard on my AVH-4500 NEX   I have a password, but cant enter it with the NEX displayed keyboard. Please advise

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On 1/1/2019 at 2:36 PM, jma9 said:

I have an AVH-4400 NEX.  I just changed my battery in my truck and now my screen calibration is off and I can't enter my password.  I tried the above  solution but it did not work.  Has anyone had any success fixing this problem on this model?  Thanks in advance.  I cannot understand how Pioneer has not fixed this problem.  I know my password but cannot enter it due to a fault in their software.  I find it insane that I may have to pay them money and lose the use of my stereo for weeks because of poor software. 

I am in the same situation. Did you ever solve yours? Please let me know how. I know my password but cannot access the bottom row of keyboard

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