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8200NEX + Raspberry Pi + hdmi touch = success ?

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Hello  :mrgreen: 

I imported a Pioneer 8200NEX from the states, and i love the machine !

I was just thinking if the raspberry pi can be used with the Pioneer machine, and use the existing touch-screen via HDMI ?

Is that even possible? if it is, it would be awesome to have a small computer in the car  8)

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Yes, I'm using a raspberry pi on my 4200nex to play movies.  But I don't know how you would get the touchscreen to interface with the pi. 


I just use an RF remote ( https://osmc.tv/store/product/osmc-remote-control/ ), the remote works perfectly and has lasted the test of 3 summers and winters in the car 24/7. 


I don't know about the 8200nex, but on my 4200nex the highest resolution I could set the pi to was 576p, which still looks awesome on such a small screen.

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I dont know my intention yet, but have a full blown computer on board can be wrong :D

meybe the touchscreen is not that important, i small wireless keyboard in the glovespace will do it i guess,

dont know if i want a Linux/Windows or meybe emulatorstation för playing games ? 

Good to know that ppl have dont it, how did you connect the pi for power? "power" down with the car would have been nice.

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