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  1. 5200 NEX Install questions

    Forget all that, did you try the bypass method??
  2. Video plays...sometimes. 4200NEX

    Perhaps it's a bad crimp or solder job on that wire. I use the microbypass and play videos all the time, i use it to change videos for the rear overhead monitor, but it plays up front as well, I just use the mode button to blank out the screen while i'm driving.
  3. Video plays...sometimes. 4200NEX

    You should install one of these, a microbypass: https://www.amazon.com/MicroBypass-Automatic-Interface-AVH-4100NEX-AVH-4200NEX/dp/B00VKQ6ECQ
  4. What performance problems???? Mine works great, except android auto sometimes needs me to unplug and plug it back in, initially.
  5. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    I think the password thing is just a waste of time. Even if you had a light to denote an active password, most theives aren't that smart to know the intricacies of each type of head unit. I feel like they'll still rip your dash apart as fast as you can, take the head unit home and try to hook it up, only to find the password is there and it's useless. However, the damage and loss to yourself is already done, so really the only thing a password does is ensure that everyone loses, instead of just you. I have the 4200nex, it's a good unit and I do take the faceplate off in questionable neighborhoods. No one is going to steal it in my driveway, or at work, but if I park at a friends apartment complex, where a theif see's my car several times and waits for me to park, I take it off and inside with me.
  6. 8200 NEX, not turning on everytime

    I installed a remote start on my car, it also starts the vehicle 12v power roughly 3-4 seconds before it cranks the engine. But i've never experienced anything like yours on my 4200NEX.
  7. I'm not capable of trying this without some kind of custom rom to disable the lock the AA lock screen. Sorry man.
  8. You head unit currently thinks it's in reverse, because you selected to have the camera activate on either an active high or active low signal. The camera being installed doesn't matter. Take the reverse signal wire on the back of the head unit, and wire it to either ground or 12v until it parking lines are gone and the normal display appears. Then change the setting back and rewire it back.
  9. Are you trying to play movies to monitors in the back of the vehicle?? Just select the back seat icon and select the source. It's not automatic when you play a video in the front.
  10. Motorized display long term reliability?

    I've had the 4200nex for over 2 years, and I've only used the motorized face less than 12 times. I only use it to add more content to the SD card. But so far, no issues with it. If you plan on constantly swapping CD's, then I would find reason to worry depending on how long you want it to last. But i've had car decks with motorized faceplates and CD's, and never had any issues back in the day for years, back when CD's were popular.
  11. Replacing Factory Nav with Aftermarket AVIC

    I would check with the nissan forum as they would know the car better than any of us. If there is a harness available, and the dimensions of the radio fit, I don't see why you couldn't.
  12. Carplay allows you to still use the phone while using carplay, I wish android would do the same.
  13. Youtube or Youtube Music on 4200 NEX

    That's exactly what I do for youtube.
  14. Reviews? Suitable upgrade?

    The only difference between the 8200nex and the 8201nex is the backup camera comes packaged in the box with it. If your car already has a backup camera, you wouldn't buy the 8201. In fact, the head unit inside the box of an 8201 package is actually still labeled 8200nex. Android auto and apple car play work just as well as a factory head unit with AA/carplay built it. The speed of AA/carplay is actually dependant on your phone since the software runs on there, and the pioneer head unit is just an interface. I've never had a bluetooth issue with my 4200nex. The differences between the 4200nex, 5200nex, 6200nex, 7200nex and 8200nex are things like navigation built in without using AA/carplay, different button layouts, larger screens, capacitive vs resistive touch screens, and some only have carplay without android auto.
  15. 8200NEX + Raspberry Pi + hdmi touch = success ?

    Yes, I'm using a raspberry pi on my 4200nex to play movies. But I don't know how you would get the touchscreen to interface with the pi. I just use an RF remote ( https://osmc.tv/store/product/osmc-remote-control/ ), the remote works perfectly and has lasted the test of 3 summers and winters in the car 24/7. I don't know about the 8200nex, but on my 4200nex the highest resolution I could set the pi to was 576p, which still looks awesome on such a small screen.