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Avic MRZ77 Making RCA 32pin Connector! SEE THIS!

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Hi. I'm new here so on start - sorry for my bad ENG, im from PL

Ok so i need pinout or someone shoot a few pictures of that  RCA connector. I trying to made myself that plug cuz i cant find that connector in poland. When i found its cost fortune... really! They want lot of money for that xD I pay for that avic less than a pair of cheap nike shoes

In attach is picture how the radio looks from behind.


OK nevermind i chceck that with my self !


Lets start!
We need a litlle plugs that are in PC's cases, they are for a LEDs and swithes on front of pc case. I recommend plug with two pins in it because its fit and its no need to sticking one with one by glue ;)
So far i found:
-Back camera in
-Video Out (for e.g. external monitors)
-Video in with sound L+R

So, pins in radio are (-) ALWAYS on TOP and a signals i mean (+) are on BOTTOM line.
See at pic, i start counting pins from RIGHT SIDE!
1. Empty
2. Video Out - ground on top pin and signal on bottom pin
3. Empty
4. Back Camera in
5. Empty
6. Empty
7.Video In
8. audio for Video in - L
9. audio for Video In - R

Rest of pins are empty.
In some free time i gonna look for Subwoofer Out pins.
I hope that was helpful for someone :)
If anything new i find i wil edit post.




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