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AVH4100NEX Faceplate Disassembly

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I left my window open during a snow storm and I think water got into the stereo buttons.  The touch screen works fine but the physical button at the bottom re-assigned themselves.  So now Volume Up=Mute, Mode and Program Up both open the face plate, etc.

I looked at a diagram (attached) from PacParts and I'm thinking it's not the buttons I actually touch or the buttons behind those, but rather the circuit board (#21 on the diagram).  It would be an easy fix if this were the case but does anyone know how to disassemble the face plate?  I've taken the 2 side screws out from each side but where should go from there?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Matt


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I have replaced the buttons (same scenario) ant it fixed it. I also replaced touchscreen after it was cracked by an idiot. A little tedious, but doable.

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