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Ipod Classic into the 8200 cord question

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Hey all, I'm going to put an 8200 into my Outback tomorrow and I'm using an Ipod Classic for my music source.


I just saw in the installation instructions that I need to use a cord that goes from the Aux and USB to a 30 Pin Connector (my old iPod uses that 30 pin at the bottom).  I believe the cord is the CD-IU201V.  This cord is impossible to find locally.  When I've plugged my Classic into our factory Subaru touchscreen stereo, it's worked perfectly using just a USB to 30 pin, not bringing the aux into play at all.


Is the aux/usb to 30pin (CD-IU201V) really necessary?  Is there a workaround that installers might use in case I don't have this cord?  What functionality would exist if I just used a usb/30pin?

Connection supposed to be:  Unit - Aux cable and USB cable - connect to - CD-IU201V - connect to ipod.


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You only need a USB extension cord from the back of the 8200 unit and your plain old white Apple cord from the extension to the iPod Classic.

Or, just get a longer 30 pin cord from Amazon and you won't need an extension.

You definitely don't need to buy their cord.


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