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AVIC-5201NEX firmware wrongly installed with 5200; I need a solution!

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I mistakenly installed the firmware for a AVIC-5200NEX on to my AVIC-5201NEX unit which wiped out my navigation as well as a few other features. I want to revert to previous firmware; the proper one for the 5201, but understand that Pioneer makes this very difficult. As I cant afford to send the unit in for "repair" (or the cost there of) and seeing as I am certain there is a way to achieve this with the proper information, I am hoping that someone on the forum might have the work-around? Please respond and let me know ASAP. Cheers all. Warmly, m


UPDATE: So, after several weeks of having this request for information assistance posted to the site, I have noted that not one single person has made a reply... not even one to "wish me luck" solving this problem that I indeed placed myself in to... Of course I am disappointed. Is this the fact of it that no one of this forum has any idea at all how I might install the proper firmware on to me 5201? If that is the case, well, so be it... it was worth a try....  Thanks regardless of the lack of a positive outcome and I wish all on the forum well. Cheers

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These units appear to be flexible with bad firmware installs. Try uploading the proper firmware to your unit.

It worked for me after my navigation features were eliminated due to some kind of glitch.

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