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map update 2019Q2 NA

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I don't think this has been covered in the maps discussion or it has. Not that I ever use stock navi - waze for me. I'm well aware of the 45 days. I just did a sync on a fresh install and connect to toolbox. Toolbox downloads the 2018Q4 and for the purchase option,  it offers the 2019Q2.  I thought one had 45 days for a *free* update to the latest one that was available (on this case 2019 Q2) since they are offering it as a upgrade fee. Am I amiss on the map update policy ?

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On 28.9.2019 at 6:42 PM, asd255 said:

version 2019Q2 is now available

as always earlier than at the Naviextras store ;)

Available for all AVIC NEX series




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