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4400 NEX Wireless CarPlay on New iPhone issues

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I am having issues with my 4400NEX (latest firmware) and CarPlay via WIFI. Wifi CarPlay works flawlessly with my iphone X on v13.3.1. If it doesn't connect automatically, I can go to the Top Menu Screen select the phone icon and my iPhone X is listed. I can then select my iphone and it connects via wifi. No issues.

Now I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on v13.3.1, I have connected it to the 4400NEX via usb, bluetooth and wifi and it works perfectly the 1st time. The problem is when I turn the truck off and start the truck up again the 4400NEX wifi doesn't connect to my iPhone. So I go to the top menu and when I select the phone icon all I see is my old iPhone X listed. My new iphone is not listed. If I go to my iphone 11 Pro Max settings select general > CarPlay > AVH-4400NEX > the CarPlay is on. But if I turn it off and on again the 4400NEX sees it and connects. I can plug my iPhone 11 Pro Max in by usb and it works flawlessly. But if I wanted it plugged in I wouldn't have replaced my 4200NEX with the 4400NEX.

I've completely reset the radio, the phone, deleted everything from bluetooth on both the radio and phone and nothing seems to work. I can also find no way to get my old iphone deleted from the CarPlay wifi. I've deleted it from bluetooth no issues. But its still in the CarPlay wifi menu.

I was hoping maybe someone on here had a similar issues and could help. Thank you for your time.

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4400nex and iPhone 11 here. Same issue with wireless Carplay. I have to go into Settings > Bluetooth and tap the 4400 to connect, then go out to the head unit and search for it to connect. Such a pain in the ass. My old iPhone 8 Plus still connects flawlessly to the 4400 (even on iOS 14), so I strongly suspect it's something iPhone 11 hardware-specific.

Long shot, but did you (or anyone seeing this) ever manage to overcome this issue?

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I just upgraded (on Friday) to an iPhone 12 Pro and now I'm having this exact issue with my 4400NEX as well. It worked fine 90% of the time with my iPhone X.

I've tried the menu reset and the paperclip 20 second reset, and neither of them seems to completely wipe the unit since I still see the name of my old iPhone on the connection screen. I've also never had luck with upgrading the firmware on my unit - it puts me through hell thinking I've bricked my $600 head unit and then reboots with the same v1.0 firmware. 

I called Pioneer and she said they had no knowledge of an issue and told me to reset it. 

Could it be an issue with a connection to new hardware that was restored from old hardware? It would seem a factory reset would solve it, but again, I can't seem to do a "true" factory reset. 

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