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  1. Answers: 1. Yes the bypass must be installed for this to work. 2. No need for a diagram. Heres the breakdown... 1FT HDMI cable connected to the "hdmi in" on the back of the AR3 - to "HDMI out" on the Belkin HDMI auto switching HDMI splitter - x2 3FT HDMI cables running from each "HDMI in" port on the auto switcher - One runs to my iphone lighting adapter the other to the back of the NUC. Power for the nuc comes from by cigarette lighter port using the inverter (in OP) and the power cable runs behind the deck to the glovebox where the NUC is. The USB cable for the Leap is run behind
  2. Not possible at the moment. The background files you are looking to change are stored within the firmware file (.hat) that pioneer releases. Currently there is no way that I have found as of yet to modify the internal files of the .hat If anyone knows how to, please enlighten us
  3. You'll have the map but no way to tell you where you are on it. No GPS, no dot on map to tell you where you are
  4. Mike, quick question. Have you or any of your team looked in any of the hondalink IPA's for any clues to help with mirroring? I was reading a post on how it was designed by pioneer and works with appradio. Just sayin worth a look if you haven't already
  5. Probably not since there is no onboard gps chip. Im not sure about 3rd party adapters. my guess is no
  6. All iPod touches don't have gps functionality. They are all wifi location based. There are 3rd party 30pin/lightning adapters that give the itouch true gps functionality but they are horribly buggy. Some are better than others, but it's still not as good as OEM. What you could do is get an iPad mini wifi+4g which has a GPS chip built into the mobo.
  7. Which model iPod touch do u have?
  8. If your jailbroken , there are tweaks to remove the badge. One is called "no badge" it's on Cydia
  9. I've been running with this hack since jan, still works for Canadians I guess.
  10. I have organized my collection meticulously over the last 10 years. I just like having it all with me where ever I go. The whole point of this setup was to integrate the infrared controller for hand gestures with the NUC/AR3 deck. No android setup can replicate my results, so ill pass on your suggestion.
  11. I've been playing around with multiple setups with my AR3. Connecting PC's and other iPhones/Androids simultaneously to the unit via HDMI splitters. My current setup is an iPhone 5S (docked) and iPhone 4S in the glove box with app ex installed. Both are connected via an HDMI splitter. All I need to do is switch BT connections to the iPhone I want to work properly on the head unit. All these interface cables really are is just a way to charge the Phone. They have no functionality besides that. There is already a USB port on the back that you can use.. This USB port works for al
  12. I have my entire music library in my car now, 175GB in total, I can control it all with swipe gestures. Good enough reason for me.
  13. I just set this up today, and I wanted to share with you guys. My setup: Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH (8GB RAM, WIFI, BT 4.0,INFRARED PORT, USB 3.0, 240GB SSD, 2.2GHZ DUAL CORE CELERON BAY TRAIL) http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/nuc-board-dn2820fykh.html inVERT - 100 Watt Portable Power Inverter w USB http://www.scosche.com/car-audio/mobile-accessories/invert-100-watt-portable-power-inverter Belkin av10115 2 PORT HDMI AUTO SWITCHER (self Powered) http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-av10115-Series-2-SWITCH-1-OUT/dp/B008M11XPA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1395462389&sr=8-2&k
  14. Ill have more time this weekend to play around with things. What im thinking im going to start doing is making a skeleton winterboard theme. Within that theme will be all the images and image locations you can modify. All we will need to do is go in and change the images to what we want ( keeping them in the same size ratio ) and then drop the theme folder in winterboards theme folder. You can have multiple themes in winterboard and all you will need to do is select the one you want and respring your device for it to show up. This way the stock images can stay in the app radio app, instead
  15. You will need to be jailbroken with a iPhone 5/5S for this stock img mod to work for you. You will need ifunbox (WINDOWS) or cyberduck (MAC) installed to view the file system You will need afc2add installed from Cydia (USB SUPPORT) Tonight I started digging around my iPhone 5S's filesystem. I was checking out my App Radio App files on my phone in this location, //var/mobile/Applications/DC385366-84BE-43E4-B391-E96A9FD49AFB/AppRadio.app/ I came across this image NX120_L_IP_001_iPhone5.png Ive uploaded for a size template (No scaling) After some quick photoshoppi
  16. I wonder if this could work http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=310563388289 Add a female to female RCA adapter then red/white to female aux. Hook the hdmi end to an auto switch/remote switch hdmi splitter. One hdmi for phone the other for aux to the back of the deck. Not sure if it would detect the audio signal only without video through the hdmi port. Needs testing...
  17. Came across this on my first google search. . This will work without a jailbreak (- the unlimited skips hack) IF JAILBROKEN on 7.0.4 - Download/install through Cydia - Pandora downloader Ver 3.5.2 Nav to the settings and enable unlimted skips/ no ads I can confirm this works I live in Canada, my App Radio 3 connects to my iPhone 5S Pandora app on iOS 7.0.4 Works perfect through that VPN hack Enjoy.
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