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  1. Thanks guys. I guess the rest of the oldtimers have moved on. Ehh such is life. Ill do my best to lay some smack down. But its been a long time. Though it looks like i have to update the pic in my sig.
  2. Well damn disappear for a few years and everything's gone and changed. I'm not even the king postwhore anymore... Guess I should apologize to the 100 odd pms I never replied to. Oh well such is life. Just figured I'd stop in and say hi. Still rocking my D1. And for anyone that might remember yes I finished the dash bezel. No I don't have pics since my cars been sitting in the shop for the last month while I've been rebuilding the head. Damn timing belt shredded 20k miles early and took out 4 valves. Hey its been a learning experience. Never been that deep into a motor before. Good
  3. Do the amps turn off when you shut the car off. IF they do, then your fine the blue/white wire of the d1 outputs even when the radio is turned off so the amps will still work for voice nav.
  4. sounds like a wiring issue. If you have a meter check to make sure your getting a good bround and power at the battery terminal of the amp and remote lead.
  5. shold be working. I have the same setup with my d1 and my 80gb classic. Make sure tv out is enabled on the ipod.
  6. illumination wire can be hooked up to the dimmer wire. The orange/black negative dimmer doesn't get used. Tape it up. Don't ground it. No need to hook up reverse if you're not going to use a backup camera.
  7. To the 30000+ that are going to lose their jobs, best of luck. It was a pretty good run.
  8. SWI-PS and and SWI-CAN2. Instructions are listed as a Grand Caravan.
  9. completely forgot to ask but does the swi-ps work with this unit? Yep
  10. where did you wire the red wire? it sounds like its coming in contact with the yellow wire or another constant power source...make sure its wired to the accessory wire on the OEM harness The red wire is connected to the red wire on the gmos-04 harness.. Is it supposed to be connected to the stock harness? Got a bad interface then. There is no accessory in new gms that's the other reason why you need the interface.
  11. The d3 has selectable polarity for the reverse camera input, no the illumination.
  12. No the excessive vibration warning comes up when the radio is too loose in the mounting kit. Or in the rare occacsion that the motor shakes the car too violently. I go with option 1 though in a new rustang.
  13. Both must be powered. You can daisy chain the power together though.
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