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  1. Ryar,as always,you are a star!Almost gave upon this!A merry Christmas to you and all Avic411 followers.Many Thanks.
  2. Hi Ryar See youre still keeping the old place going!I always appreciated your help on here,my F900 was close to going out the window a couple of times!
  3. Hi Ryar Thanks for the reply.Im thinking it may be my unit which is at fault because I've started to have a few issues running IGO aswell.I think the years of going into test mode has finally taken its toll.I will try going right back to basics when I get a free weekend to spare.Otherwise I will have to replace it.What with ??
  4. Has anyone got Primo 2 running smoothly yet ?I gave up after constant freezing.I read somewhere you need 128 m of RAM to use the advanced features of Primo 2.
  5. Both running ok at present.500 just running on Mr Blues mod and all is well.Still struggling with Primo on my 900 though.It will run ok then just freeze.Now running primo on Wayteq unit which has 128 M memory and running ok after 2 weeks testing.Would love to run Primo trouble free on my 900 but my patience just ran out!
  6. Hi Ryar Nice to hear from you,hope you are well.
  7. I think Primo runs best with 128 M of Ram,and doesnt like our 64!I am running it on a WayteQ stand alone unit and it runs like a dream.When I try it on my F900 or F500 it crashes.
  8. You can as long as you delete the apl2/user/userdata/Igo/save folder.
  9. Put the maps in apl2/Igo/content/maps.If you are using non pioneer :)maps you will need generic license files.Let me know if this is the case and I can e mail them to you.
  10. In Primo you can set height,length weight etc.I have done this for my motorhome and it works very well.
  11. http://avic411.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=14830 The link above should take you to diafitas mod with primo.You can launch Primo a d then select your vehicles dimensions to suit. In regional settings you can select metric etc
  12. If you PM me I will try to help.
  13. Try copy and paste on the password.I had similar problems and solved them by trying c and p.
  14. I solved this by running the firmware upgrade ,free from the pioneer website.I just reinstalled 3,1 and was then able to access the SD card again.
  15. Chuck I'm,up and running again!After hours of pulling my hair out I tried to start all over again.I got into the service menu and did a wince update with format.After this i coul,d access test mode again!So i reinstalled my MFD back up and all is sweet again!Thanks for your help as always!Wonder if there will be any new mods coming up pr do you think we have exhausted the F series now?Really like to run Primo)off your mod of course!)but memory issues with certain skins are a bit of a pain.
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