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  1. Sure, tap avicnet, then settings. From there I think you have to go to program settings. Chose Primo, and from there you will have an option for it to auto-start. I have mine set up so all I need to do is hold down the map button for a few seconds and Primo will start. I will upload my flash disk from my unit sometime since I have a few more tweaks then the latest upload here, but I have been pretty busy so I don't know when I will have time.
  2. Go to the control panel and there you will see bluetooth. I think the control panel is accessible via the utilities menu. I had paired things with my avic but it didn't seem to remember them and I had to manually connect each time. The usb obdii reader would be a better option although obviously you would have to hide the wires and whatnot.
  3. Maybe try doing a fresh install, Chucks mod worked out of the box for me.
  4. I don't specifically recall how Chuck set up his Primo, however I believe the stock igo process is killed which includes button control which would be why your MAP button is non-responsive. Tapping the Primo icon on the main menu should allow you to access Primo. I'm not sure why it isn't working, maybe try looking for a program called "button" in the primo folder and make sure it is mapped to where the primo.exe actually is. The button file will have an exe, an image and also a config file all with the same name but different extension. Make changes in the config file.
  5. I had BT obd working at one point, however a compatable usb BT dongle. It would be easiest to get a usb to obdii elm327. The drivers will self load and you will never have to worry about pairing it each time.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out, Redeye. If you can recommend an uplaod site which works for you I will gladly upload the files there as well.
  7. I re-uploaded the English voice files in the second post of this thread. The link is also here: http://www.multiupload.nl/FMPPE1R8RJ It would be best to pick and choose a favorite voice after trying them all out and deleting the others since the entire package is 329 mb.
  8. Thanks for uploading, I put your upload link in the second post of this thread. I will update it with the latest working software and upload it sometime soon when I get a chance.
  9. I think I deleted all my old avic files but I will pull it off my unit and upload it hopfully in the next week or so. In the meanwhile if anyone has the latest rar file please upload it and post the link here. Darn upload sites don't keep files for long, do they?
  10. Hi Tomytomy, Is your unit a US f500bt? If so, the file you need is here (found in post #3 of thisthread) . The directions are below as per hiepp (post 381 of this thread). I remember updating my f500bt was a pain since there where conflicting files and directions on numerous threads here, however I believe following the above steps was how I was finally able to update. hieppo said: OK after some digging around in all these threads with weird headings, I was able to find the service combination for F500BT unit. I found it in this thread. http://avic411.com/f...tart=60#p20689
  11. This mod is not Italian pioneernavgate. I suggest posting there if you want them to re-up links.
  12. Hey Ovalball, Still checking in once in awhile and trying to help others. I have an early Christmas gift for you, I found a primo.exe file which allows Primo 2.0 sound to work regardless of source. I posted it on the second post of this thread. Simply replace your primo.exe with the one in the zip and enjoy full sound! Happy holidays!
  13. Rearview and bluetooth options in Primo 3.0? The latest release of Primo is 2.0. The stock rear view camera works, but the bluetooth option within Primo does not work, the stock software will still control it. Don't worry about the ports, when avicnet properly boots it will start a port splitter which will allow multiple programs to use the gps. You don't need avicnet 2.0 before installing 2.1, it is stand-alone. Despite your unit stating wince 5.0 I would recommend updating as per the directions. I had the issue of a freeze up on boot before updating as per the directions, I'm sur
  14. Hi Tomtomy, Hmm, there could be a few things which are causing your unit to hang up during startup. Did you do the update in step #2? Also, make sure you don't flash the update for the f900bt since it will cause issues. 2) Ensure you are running Windows CE version 5.0 or above. You can check this by booting into testmde, going to the control panel and tapping on system. It will tell you your CE version there. If you need to upgrade, the f500bt is here I have an f500bt which I use as a test unit and it boots up without issue so I can vouch that it is compatible. Other than
  15. Great job figuring it out and thanks for sharing.
  16. neos75, it will not work with your f930bt. It will only work for the f500bt, f700bt, f900bt, x710bt and x910bt. Matyana - Can you share your working config/device files that you changed? It will help other users who are having the same issue and I will include it when I upload an updated avic net. PMS - Thanks for the info, I have a capacitor on order.
  17. HI Matyana, I was able to emulate your problem and can verify that if I choose a device ending with EW in the sys.txt then my bluetooth does not work. When I go to the bluetooth software update option it reads "Version: not found", where as if i use a UC device it reads a proper version number. I combined the two device files with both TMC and MSN Direct present and attempted to change the comm port there but the bluetooth still would not work. Did bluetooth and TMC work correctly on the stock software from pioneer for your EW unit? Assuming it did, try using the device file(s) from
  18. HI matyana, In the sys.txt when you select a device it "loads" additional settings which can be found in the data.zip via the following path: data/config/devices. There you can see pioneer746ew, pioneer749uc, ect. If you know that certain settings work in one and not another, combine the working settings into one and point your sys.txt in that direction. I find it easiest to unzip the data.zip, modify the files/settings, and move the altered files back into the zipped data.zip via total commander for pc. Remember to keep a backup. Aternately, you can try leaving the device= blan
  19. When you click on the link for multiupload from there chose the freakshare link rather then depositfiles.
  20. I had experienced the same issue with the voices not working; after trying the original sys.txt from FX3.1 the voices started working. If you have a NA avic you will not have UK Philippa as an option (too bad, I am tired of listening to Samantha). I know what you mean regarding muting the key beeps, I am having the same issue. The most annoying is the beeping while turning the volume up or down via the steering wheel controls. It would be nice to eliminate, does anyone have any idea how?
  21. Hi matyana, A1) Try the freakshare link for 2.1, it looks like it is still working. 2.0 is pretty old and I haven't used it for awhile, I wasn't planning to re-up it. I guess I should remove the link. A2) 2.1 should work with the Euro or UK avic. A3) I have no idea, we don't have TMC here in Canada. To tell you the truth, I don't think I ever tried bluetooth on avicnet. Perhaps another user who has used these features can help?
  22. PsychoMcSatan, what sort of diode did you use? How many watts was it rated for? I'm just curious, I have a few small 12V batteries which I am considering installing as a secondary system.
  23. If your voltage is dropping to 0.3 V while starting it is unlikely a software problem. It is possible to have avicnet avoid double starting (I don't recall how offhand, sorry) however your drivers for the OBDII reader will not be loaded. If you don't use hobdrive but want Primo 2.0 you can try Chucks latest mod or Diaftia's (there are instructions on how to run Primo onhis mod in the Primo thread, and he also has a menu for runnng external programs). \ I have also found that while the unit is booting and the car is started it will require the double start. This doesn't seem to be a vol
  24. Jas276 posted regarding having this issue, his solution is below. It looks like he added an aux battery and connected that to his avic. I wonder if he used a diode between his main and aux battery. There are a few other threads and posts out there regarding the issue, try searching and perhaps you can find more information. Posted 23 December 2011 - 07:36 AM My double start issue was caused by the voltage drop when I start my 4x4. I fixed it by running the main 12v wire (the yellow wire) from my aux battery (dual battery setup). I went 4 wheel driving the other weekend and really l
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