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  1. It is a voltage issue, check out posts 200-235 or so of this thread and you will find some information on the topic.
  2. Thanks for the post Bento. An excellent source of maps which are torrents rather then uploads are in this thread: http://gpsunderground.com/forum/igo-maps/15061-igo-maps-tomtom-teleatlas-navteq-topmap.html
  3. Travolta, simply add Navigonto a folder in APL4 and point Avicnet to the exe file. Tap Avicnet, settings, settings menu (i think) and chose where you would like to add it. Then type in the path eg. My Flash Disk/APL4/Navigon/navi.exe. Choose an icon, and then save. Garmin was included in avicnet 2.0 as was tomtom but both were removed to save space. Both are inferior to Primo 2.0 imho and having them on my unit was a novelty, therefore I took them out when I uploaded my altered avicnet 2.1.
  4. Yes, you need to put Primo and Primo3 on the root of the SD card. Note you still need the My Flash Disk/APL2/Primo3/Run folder (and Primo/Run). The scripts to run Primo are inside that folder.
  5. In order for maps to be shared each iGo program must be in the same directory. Eg, APL2/iGo, APL2/Primo, APL2/Primo3. Your best bet is to copy Primo3 (assuming it is the one you want to use) onto the root of an SD card and put all the maps you need in it's content folder. In the sys.txt (SDcard/Primo3/sys.txt) remove or comment out all lines under [folders] except "has_secondary_root=0". That way Primo will use the maps in its own content folder rather then elsewhere. Note when Primo3 exists on the root of the SD card it will run that Primo rather then the one on My Flash Disk. The same
  6. In dash? Hard to say. Can't beat an AVIC f-series. If it is a dashtop you want any android tablet with gps and a mount work very well. Currently running Torque (Android OBDII software) on the dashtop and Primo 2.0 on the in-dash. Once you have dual screens, you can't go back xD.
  7. Hi Ovalball, Ive been running Primo 2.0 since it came out with no issues, even running it simultanious with HOBdrive. I don't use TTS or have any waypoints displayed on the map (except favorites) although I do have some raster maps. I remember at one point after selecting the option to show all gas stations and whatnot that it did crash a few times. Also, are you sure the ezrider process is killed prior to the launch of Primo? I'm not sure what else to suggest besides doing a wipe of your My Flash Disk and starting from scratch. Don't we have 200+ MB of ram on our AVICs? It should be
  8. I checked which version of NNG Raster I had used and I believe it was 3.1.5, the same as the one you provided. It looks like it is the newest version available. With seperate "tiles" I found the maps lined up perfectly rather then creating one huge map with roads mis-matching each other per grid. It was much more time consuming, however. I downloaded one 0.125 x 0.125 degree "tile" at a time rather then many at once. I also didn't split the image via the manage selection menu in SAS Planet (just 1x1) when saving. The guide in the link you provided splits the map horizontally 2 x 1 ve
  9. Great job! I got raster maps working awhile ago and am fairly happy with them in my home area. Although google maps don't work in SAS Planet, they do in the latest versions of SAS planet nightly. I find they look alot better then the yahoo maps. I believe the grid squares need to be 0.125 degrees by 0.125 degrees (@ 0.125 degree intervals) or they would not display. Also, I had to download and render one at a time or the roads would not match up for the extire area. Did you find the same? I think I only have about 4 grid squares currently. I tried getting the entire city (5 or 6 x 3 or
  10. HI Lala1, When you launch primo it will 1st check if there is primo and its contents on the SD card, then USB and finally on the units memory (my flash disk) if the previous are not present. If you place the primo3 folder on the root of the SD card it will launch primo from that location. Simply copy ift from my flash disk/apl2/primo3 to the root of the SD card and edit the sys.txt. As for the sys.txt, each program (primo, primo3, igo) will read the sys.txt which is in the same folder. This would mean you would edit the sys.txt in the primo3 folder (assuming it is the Primo you would l
  11. Thanks ovallball, nice to hear from you too. How is your f500bt? Mine crapped out; the digitizer broke and would not accept touch screen commands. Too bad, at least I got several years heavy use out of it before it bit the dust.
  12. Primo voices re-upped as well, the link is on the bottom for post #2.
  13. Re-upped on the 2nd post of this threead. It looks like oron shut down.
  14. They defiantly stole your idea Chuck! Damn those guys at NNG! I think some skins had auto zoom as far back as Primo 1.1, which was out in fall of 2010. I think it used to be in the GJ settings menu where as now it can be accessed through map settings.
  15. Hi Chuck, did you try any newer releases of Primo 2.0? I tried one from March and found it to be buggy. It seemed to have trouble rendering upcoming roads at certain zooms/distances and they would flash on and off the screen for a few seconds before coming in solid. December's seemed to work OK but I switched back to October's since I seemed to have the fewest issues with it. I didn't notice any new features in the newer releases, so far as I can tell all versions of Primo 2.0 are the same in that aspect. Maybe if you guys updated to a newer version try and go back to the original? On
  16. Sure, assuming Travolta has a f900bt or f90bt with a gyro sensor it needs to be disabled. Instructions are on the 3rd post of the avicnet thread. After it is disabled he can use any mod with Primo.
  17. Dude, I use a Canadian f500bt daily and have successfully ran Chucks mod, Diaftia's and now avicnet and I have had no problems. The f500bt is superior in some aspects such as its internal battery allows for a true standby mode which means it takes as little as 5 seconds to resume where it left off instead of doing a complete boot like the f700bt and f900bt (>1min to start navigating). If you are having issues try to re-flash winCE and copy all files back onto the unit using a different SD then before. This thread will provide you with the necessary winCE files.
  18. The specs including memory are the same on f500bt as the f700bt and f900bt.
  19. Good job gabbygenier, I'm glad you were able to fix the issue. I don't have my unit handy, but if there is a garmin folder with a "run" folder within you just need to add the garmin files and you are all set. There are several sites such as mobilism, gps underground, and mobile passion where you can get those files from. You will then need to create a shortcut leading to it to it in the settings/menu/navigation menu. Map the location as my flash disk/apl4/garmin/run/run.exe and you are all set. You can find unlocked maps on TPB. PMS, I vaguely recall playing with the use_os_volume=1 c
  20. Thanks for sharing your sys.txt with us Chuck. There are so many possible combinations of commands it is good to see what others have working well for them.
  21. Try playing with the usb232 program, it is a powerful tool which provides drivers for certain hardware. It is in the utilities menu. Tap new connection near the top and follow the directions.
  22. PMS, I believe the middle button which leads you to the voice command screen is broke in avicnet 2.1 and I say good riddance to annoying accidental presses when trying to zoom in and out, ect. I suppose it would be an inconvenience to someone who frequently used this command however. The sys.txt files are separate from each other, so the iGo8 sys.txt is read by ezrider (iGo8), The sys.txt in the Primo folder is read by Primo and the same for Primo3 and so on and so forth. In whatever folder the .exe for the iGo program is is where it will read it's sys.txt from. Basically they do not i
  23. Did you delete the iGo save folder? The user lists files inside are required to display shortcuts in the programs, ect menu. Garmin has been removed in this version avicnet 2.1.
  24. Hi guys, In the past when having memory related issues I have found that I got the "out of memory" popup and Primo would crash, but I have never had Primo freeze. Avicnet doesn't have any low memory settings in it's sys.txt for Primo 2.0 (as long as the ezrider process is killed I have not had any issues with no low memory settings in the sys.txt). Ovalball, perhaps your freezing isn't a a memory related issue? A few suggestions; try remove or comment out all the memory related settings withing the sys.txt. Perhaps try switching to a different skin, I use GJAK 1.08 and have not had any
  25. PMS, when you say that pressing the volume knob no longer starts voice recognition dialing, when did it stop working? Was it with the 2.1 update?
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