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  1. Hmm, what units do you guys have? It could be the gyro coming back to haunt us. The f900bt, f90bt, and x910bt all have the gyro. Did you guys move the and ground the mute wire? Did you flash the winCE 6 as directed on the first post of this thread? I don't have the same issue with my f900bt, I wonder why? You could also try deleting all the data in the iGo save folder except the userlist folder.
  2. Nice, good job on the bluetooth odb. Does it auto-connect after pairing the first time or do you have to enter the pin each time? I am not sure why the bypass is not working for you. I have the park brake wire grounded on my unit and everything works. If your settings are correct in the data.zip and you have no access to settings while driving perhaps grounding your park brake wire would be the easiest method.
  3. PMS, what skin are you using with Primo? Also for HobDrive for that matter. I just use a black background on HobDrive and the GJ 1.08 skin for Primo. Some skins use more memory, maybe try and switch to something else and see if you have issues. As for your sound issues, there are various sys.txt commands which may help. I would suggest trying: [sound] use_os_volume=1
  4. Use a different version of testmode. I would guess the one you are using is set up to auto-launch Primo each time. As for your GPS fix issues, the portsplitter program is required which launches with avicnet. Find a new testmode and launch primo through avicnet and you will not have any issues.
  5. Close Primo before copying the maps. Make sure no programs are running before copying or you won't be able to delete/copy over files as they may be in use.
  6. Good catch PMS, I guess somewhere along the line I changed hobd.exe to hobdrive.exe. Alternately you could have done the same rather then change all the scripts, my apologies for sharing a script which did not work without modification.. I commented the commands to wait for hobdrive to start and used a delay because I didn't have much luck with the wait commands and if Primo tries to launch while hobdrive is still loading it bogs the unit down and it is not usable for a longer period of time. One other thing I have discovered recently regarding the OBDII reader. Initially I left it plug
  7. Sounds good, I look forward to your addon with the UI tweaks you are using.
  8. Sure, I attached a package you can copy over your unit. When it is set up to autolaunch it will take you to the main menu (via simulated key presses), launch HobDrive, kill ezrider, and then launch Primo. A couple other additions are the keyboard icon will appear in HobDrive to make it easier to enter settings and hide the keyboard and an icon will appear while in HobDrive to take you directly to Primo. Note it will only work with the full version of HobDrive due to limitations in the free version (poor performance and different process names, ect). Instructions: Unzip, copy to your un
  9. The buttons are only "seen" by Primo when it is an active window, when it is not they are "seen" by the unit. There are 3rd party programs which can use such as AEKmap but implementing them would be difficult.
  10. Hi Mach1Chris, I noticed if the unit is in the process of booting and then the unit is interrupted (key on/off) it will initialize on the next start-up. Could this be the cause of your frequent initializations? The AV is a pain and I am having the same issue, hopefully someone can figure out how to load to map or main menu.
  11. No, so far as I know it will work on the following only: F500BT, F700BT, F900BT, F90BT, X710BT, and X910BT. You can try and launch the HOBD standalone from the winCE desktop, but you will need the drivers installed first. They are in the HOBD package on post #1. Good luck! Your welcome Patper! What do you mean by the parot does not work? I believe they are in the MainRes.res To be honest with you Blankers I never even tried TTS on the stock iGo so I'm not sure why it isn't working. Maybe try copy them onto your unit again, select the non TTS voice, reboot, then
  12. Hi Jimbo, the only time I noticed greyed out settings is when the bypass was not done properly ie. ground the e-brake, ect. Did you do a software bypass previously? I can't really think of any other reason these settings are greyed out for you.
  13. The device is selectable in the sys.txt. It is set by default: type="PIONEER746UC" The VBT files are included (APL2\VBT), I am not sure about the XM files however. Where are they usually located? Note this mod is Russian originally so it may take some work to get it to work fully-functional with our NA units. How is XM/Sirius running off our units? I just use a portable unit and connect it via an AV cable. I use a NA F900BT in my car but also have a F700BT and 2 F500BTs for testing. I can't help myself when a unit is stuck in a boot loop and sells on ebay for dirt cheap
  14. Thank you ovalball for continuing to answer questions and help others in these forums! I'm glad there is still interest here and that with our "old" avic units we are able to run programs such as Primo and Hob Drive which even the newest aftermarket in-dash GPS units are incapable of doing (thanks to manufacturers going out of their ways to make them mod-proof). Long live the AVIC411 community!
  15. I uploaded the version of avic net 2.1 which I have been using for the past few months. I trimmed it down and only included Primo 1.0 and 2.0, gone are OziExplorer, Garmin, and TomTom. The driver for the OBD II reader now auto-loads so you don't have to run the driver CAB file every time you hard reset. Details are on post #1. Please post any bugs you find. Note Primo 2.0 still does not have working sound regardless of sound or working hard buttons; Primo 1.0 has these features working which is why I left it in. You can now use the avicnet menus while Primo 2.0 is running. Enjoy! E
  16. Fair enough. Take what you will, all I ask is you give credit to those who have worked hard and were kind enough to share with others.
  17. Thanks for the info. I've been using AVICnet 2.1 (Russian source) for the past 4 months or so and haven't noticed any vast improvements. One nice change is when you change the language to English it now changes all the menus as well, and there is no need to comb through the ui_pioneer folder and files to translate. For those who are interested in newer versions of AVICnet follow the forums on forum.gps-club, the link is here: http://forum.gps-clu...p?showforum=349. Use Google chrome to translate. Keep in mind it is a Russian program therefore anything you find elsewhere is dated and has
  18. Garmin maps can be found on preactivated on TPB. For TomTom there is a guide at Mobile Passion on how to active the maps, it is a bit of a process however.
  19. Great, thanks Ovalball! May your AVIC guide you home safely
  20. You can not enter the menus with Primo 2.0 running. It is possible if you used some low memory requierments settings in the sys.txt and did not kill the ezrider process. You would also need to prevent the soft reset "button" program from running when Primo is launched. If you would like to do this, delete or comment out the following lines in the My Flash Disk\APL2\Primo3\Run\primo.mscr file: kill ("ezrider") kill ("ezrider.exe") and Run(SystemPath("ScriptPath")\"Button\softreset.exe" ) As for the low memory requrement settings in the sys.txt, start by adding these lines and ad
  21. Are you copying all the files back onto your unit after updating winCE? If so and it is still in a boot loop try using a different SD card as it may be corrupting the files. Make sure you are copying all the required files and not just the supplied files for a mod. The FX 3.1 thread will supply you with everything you need.
  22. Hi Kil4d, try flashing the winCE firmware and re-copying all files/map back to your unit. Post #1 of this thread will provide you with the files and instructions: http://avic411.com/i...firmware-image/
  23. Hi there Patper! For your camera problems probably the best solution would be to install from scratch and after all your settings and favorites are set up back up your my flash disk in case you start having issues down the road. I run Primo 2.0 and my f900bt changes to and from the back camera without issue when reverse is engaged, I'm not sure specifically why you are having this problem. You can't enter the avicnet menus while Primo 2.0 is running; part of the launch process kills ezrider in order to free up memory. If you need to change any settings from within the avicnet menu screens
  24. I believe the link on post #4 of that page is working, it is here if you are interested.
  25. Thanks Ovalball! Maybe I am a little late, but I am getting a download not available when I click on the links you provided. Is there any chance you could upload them again? Thanks, I can't beleive I don't have a backup somewhere for those files.
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