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  1. Hi, I'm not quite sure what you are asking but will try to help. 1) Glad your USB is working. 2) It reboots after a hard reset (after booting into testmode or booting for the first time). This is to change the registry to support additional USB devices, load smaller DPI to make Total Commander easier to use, ect. Some users have reported a double reset each time the unit starts; I believe this may be vehicle specific due to a low voltage upon starting. I have been busy lately but when I find some time I will upload a fix so the double restart doesn't happen. 3) You could try Primo 1.0
  2. Edit: Comments removed. Ovalball is right, as he usually is. It is the holidays and there is no reason to bicker.
  3. The sys.txt is where the debug lines would go, it is in the Primo directory (My Flash Disk\APL2\Primo). The map settings is found in the Primo menu. With Primo running from the map screen tap the top right icon, then map settings, choose user zoom settings on, then tap user zoom settings. This is where you would enter all the information posted above. Note it is only available on Primo 1.2 while using GJ_AK skin.
  4. TV while driving? Yikes, that isn't safe xD! It is unlikely that there are drivers and software for older winCE that would work with modern USB tuners. If you were to connect your unit to the internet you could broadcast via ORB from your home PC. It works well with Windows Mobile using coreplayer, I watched many a hockey game using this method. Using a digital tuner and connecting it to your units A/V connections would also work, this would probably be the easiest way to go.
  5. Using a hub would mean your unit would detect your ipod and obbII reader and allow them to be used simultaneously. They System starting message should go away after 10 seconds or so. Make sure you copied maps on to your unit, if you do and the system is still showing that message delete all contents from My Flash Disk and copy all the AVICnet files back on. Copy on maps. Maybe try a different SD card, sometimes they corrupt the data. Carefully follow the steps in Post #1 under installation instructions, sometimes missing a simple step can cause problems later.
  6. Primo 1.2 sound only works when music is being played off an SD card, Primo 1.0 has audio working correctly regardless of source. In order to fix this the primo.exe from 1.2 must be decompiled and the appropriate commands added. Other then that everything is working as it should. There are drivers built into avicnet that allow the use of a usb hub. I can verify that a com port is available from the osbII reader when plugged into a hub. I don't have an ipod to verify it will work properly with the osbII reader connected concurrently, however.
  7. Thanks redz_newbie, I added instructions on how to launch HOBD from the existing Check Engine icon on post #1. The driver will still have to be loaded manually, and it will have to be reloaded after a hard reset or after booting into testmode.
  8. Yes and No. It (hobd.exe) will not launch through a shortcut in the avic net menu, it seems it needs total commander or explorer running in order to launch properly. I started writing a script in which it first launches total commander, then checks if the driver is installed before launching hobd, if it is not it will prompt you to do so but mortscript and my unit are being uncooperative today. I will give it another shot tomorrow if I have some time. Note the standalone version of hobd does not require .net 3.5, lucky for us. Hobd is the free version and it is very impressive software un
  9. OBD software, drivers, and instructions are on Post #1 under the OBD heading. For now you must launch through Total Commander (My Flash Disk\APL4\HOBD\hobd.exe). Install the drivers first, they are in the drivers folder.
  10. OMG! I got the OSBII working today! I am a little tipsy from the GF's Christmas party tonight, so I will upoad the files and instructions tomorrow.
  11. You will have to make some changes to the avic_net_800_480.ui file (in iGo\ui_pioneer\UI). Just under <layer ui_AvicMenu_an z=30> (line 40) you can change the menu names to what you please.
  12. It sounds like you have an old version of winCE. Follow the steps on this thread to update: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31481-ver-30-or-later-on-f500bt/page__hl__f500bt__fromsearch__1
  13. Sorry Ovalball, I gave you bad advice. The correct path is My Flash Disk\Map. (singular)
  14. You can change the Program names by tapping AVICnet, settings, settings menu, specific program (navigation\Primo for example), and edit. The icon, path, description, program name and more can be changed. Yes you can run programs from SD or USB rather then My Flash Disk. When launching many programs your AVIC will first check if the program is on SD or USB first before launching from My Flash Disk. The path on the SD card should be as follows: (Note the SD is the root of the card, not a SD folder): Primo: SD\Primo\ Note you need to comment out all lines in the sys.txt under (FOLDER
  15. Neither my F500BT nor F900BT do a double start except after booting to testmode or when initializing for the 1st time. I wonder if the problem is Vehicle specific due to a voltage drop when turning the engine over when starting?
  16. Thanks for the info. Here is where we are at with the OBDII: It seems the Russian check engine program only works with the module they sell, which is why it has been omitted in the Italian mod. While I can successfully connect my reader to other OBDII programs for PC, I cannot connect to Check Engine. In the settings you are promoted to enter the serial number for the OBDII reader. My reader is an ELM327 and there is no serial number present, which likely the reason the software will not connect. There is other software for winCE OSBII readers, some specificly for the ELM327. No luck on
  17. The double start should only happen initially or after you boot into test mode; it is possible to disable but keep in mind it is loading many reg keys, ect which is what allow features such as making it more finger friendly in total commander by showing a lesser resolution, for example. Initially it booted WinCE into Russian but I changed it back to English. My unit dims with the headlights fine, just set your screen brightness with them off and again with them on. It will remember your settings and dim accordingly.
  18. Thanks, did you try Primo 1.0? If so is TMC working in that version? Odd how you have it working but other users are having difficulties. Thanks again for the upload. Sorry, no. Regarding Primo on your unit, Eam has a few posts near the end of the Primo thread but was having difficulties caused by his unit going into standby every 30 minutes. Maybe send him a PM and see if he has corrected the issue.
  19. You can put the programs anywhere and they will run, most are in APL4 for consistency. I moved Primo to APL2 so it would share the maps with iGo8, for some reason when it was in APL4 it would not see the maps. Some programs are in the system folder as well. If you would like to add programs you can create an icon by taping AVICnet, settings, settings menu, programs (for example), and add. There you can select an icon for the program, and must fill in the program name and path. The path would be for example: \My Flash Disk\APL4\example\example.exe. It seems that working around the stock
  20. It shouldn't take up much more space since you will only be flashing to a new winCE image. I think it would be a bit of both, a newer winCe and installing polished firmware (a custom mod) will help make your unit more responsive. You could take out all maps except areas you frequent, this will give you plenty of free space.
  21. So TMC is not working in both 1.0 and patper's 1.2 in post #151? Are there any Euro users who have working TMC?
  22. If you go to the 1st link in post #19 there are directions on how to active the TomTom maps with your unit. Newer maps are always best! Didn't spend much time on the OBD2 reader, FourG mentioned there may be driver issues. Depending on if you are in North America or Europe use the firmware in post #1. With an F900BT make sure to flash the firmware in post #3 (after flashing 3.0) to disable the gyro.
  23. Were you a good little boy this year ovalball? If not then it is Primo 1.0 for you!
  24. Yep, create the directory and put the maps inside. Make sure you activate them for your unit.
  25. Great, thanks for the info FourG! Excuse my ignorance, I am still a novice with winCE. How would one load the correct driver in winCE if found? Obviously with windows it can be done in the device manager. Would a mortscript file do the trick?
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