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  1. I've narrowed it down to a conflict between my Sygic Truck NAv, (which I need very much) APP, and APpradio APP. I seem to not be able to have one with the other since thiss last update.
  2. DOes anyone here have the APK for Pioneer Appradio 2.7.2, or what ever the one is BEFORE this last update? It wouldn't install, so I tried uninstalling the old apk, and then installing the new one. Bad Idea as i can't even still, install the new est updated version. I have a Galaxy Note 4 and cannot root so using AR unchained is moot. Has anyone else had issues with this last update? been able to install the ANDROID app since may 15th? I find it amazing that an ANDROID based device, works better with an I0S device, than with another ANDroid!
  3. THat does make sense, and I had no intention of updating firmware whilst "bombing along the motorway" LOL Thanks
  4. THe bluetooth conncets, but I cant access the bluetooth under settings. That's one. Won't let me run the firmware update. THats two Appradio won't show me any apps as being available to use via the head unit. I am using the Galaxy Note 4, with the Samsung MHL adapter. Any ideas? I don't have the parking brake wire attached. COuld that be my issue? Is it possibly stuck in demo mode because that isn't hooked up?
  5. Will this work on the Appradio 4? Just read through, and saw the above comment. Question Answered!
  6. I'm about to install the Appradio 4 in my Saab 9-7X Aero. This microphone you speak of, is separate from the one for phone calls?
  7. Tried them, simply says on back order. been saying that for months
  8. Have you checked the radio fuse in the car? it's possible that it blew when you jump started.
  9. Anyone know where to find the replacement battery for the faceplate of the unit?
  10. I have a question. Is it at all possible to take the map upgrade from another Pioneer Unit and convert it to be used on the D-3? I saw on Pioneer's site that the u310-bt upgrade has to be transferred to a mem card from a supplied DVD. I wonder if its possible to somehow use this DVD or the information on it, and apply it to our systems? I really don't feel like paying 1000 bucks to upgrade my entire system.
  11. To use the bluetooth, you need an adapter for the D3. the CBT200 its called I believe. I am not sure if you have it or not. To charge the newer Ipods and Iphones there is an adapter thing made by Scosche. Its called the PassPort Here is a link to it at crutchfields site so you can see it. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_142IFWA/Scosche-passPORT.html?search=scosche+ipod+adapter I do not know if Pioneer made a newer cable for our units.
  12. ok, apparently no one here knows how to help me. LOL I always knew I was beyond help!
  13. Hey guys n gals, I don't post up here often, but I have been having an ongoin issue with my D3 and my Sorento. 1. Speed Pulse never goes past 1 on the calibration screen. I believe its hooked up correctly, but apparently not. Does anyone know where this wire is on the 2007 Kia Sorento? 2. It says " sensor initializing" almost all the time and its accuracy is off because of it. Occasionally it will go into Simple Hybrid mode and its better, but I think it should be running in a better mode than thatno? Clearly something is not hooked up correctly. I have been driving like this for over a
  14. Perhaps the ground is going bad? maybe try grounding the unit to a different spot?
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