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  1. I apologize if this has been answered already... but my searches haven't given me explicit details on my questions... Does this install guide result in having the latest maps, as well as the latest firmware? In other words... equivalent to the map and firmware upgrade that Pioneer is selling on their site? (CNSD-100FM, I believe) Also... I understand paying for a map upgrade and including the firmware update... but does Pioneer have a free update that JUST includes the v3.0 firmware? Or, are we hooked into buying a map upgrade just to fix the problems that have been plaguing us sin
  2. Thanks for the input... What about the voice prompts during a phone call? Do you have the option to hear the voice prompts? Can you attenuate the call and/or voice prompts without muting either one? This alone is worth my *promotional cost of* $60 to buy the update. I like the fact that you can go to any screen while on a call... but can you control things like the GPS route as well? Could I start a route going to one of my stored favorite locations... or cancel/change a route while on the phone?
  3. Hey Guys, I've been monitoring the forums for a few days, and I haven't seen any threads related to a few problems I've had with v2 mods, MSN Direct, the Map screen, and bluetooth phone capabilities. First of all, I am running cmh's mods from circa April. (If there are much newer versions that fix my problems, then let me know) Whether or not the mod has anything to do with these two problems remains to be seen. However, I subscribed to the free trial of MSN Direct... and occasionally, I get no information whatsoever from it... and in fact the date of last refresh is somethi
  4. Thanks. If you need any particulars, let me know, and I'll do what I can. I'm sure there are others that know more than I do, though... hence the quick reply from BorisM about fixing my epic MSN fail.
  5. Boris, Thanks for the tip. This is intersesting. OK... so if the power is cut when the startup splash screen is still on, then MSNDirect gets hosed. Is that what I'm hearing? Do I have to wait until everything is working, or just until the splash screen is gone, and I see the "Destination, Contacts, AV Sources" screen or the map warning? Or, do I have to wait for the "Please wait... system starting" message across the bottom to disappear as well? I have to keep reminding myself that this is Windows that I'm working with... and there are various levels of "startup" involved. So.
  6. DrPhantum

    peace out.

    Does anyone else have issues with their MSN Direct using this mod? I modded my f90bt so soon after I got it (and haven't looked back), that I'm not sure if it's an MSN Direct problem, or a mod problem. I just installed IDT's latest (4.1), and I'm still having the same problem. (See screenshot below) Long story short, I rarely get MSN Direct coverage, even when I'm in the city (Go Penguins/Steelers!), and I KNOW that there is MSN Direct coverage in the 'burgh and the outlying areas. When I go into the Status Screen (thanks CMH for the "hotspot" icons on the MSN Direct screen), it looks lik
  7. Hey, Guys! I've been using cmh928's mod for quite some time, and I had problems with MSN Direct, so I decided to try IDT's latest (4.1), and I'm still having the same issue. Can anyone tell my why MSN Direct seems to never have any data? Please see the picture below. Sometimes I can fix it by pressing the reset button on my F90bt, but most of the time, it just comes and goes as it pleases. It just tells me "No [gas, traffic, movie, etc] data available" Is this an MSN problem, or a mod problem? CMH told me to just hit the reset button, and it should be fixed... but that only works s
  8. Considering the current mods and the talents available among the AVIC411 community... what's stopping us from pulling the files off of the SD card and uploading them somewhere? I, for one, have a bit-for-bit "Floppy Copy" app at work that we use to transfer software licenses from computer to computer. I'm sure something more current could be used to duplicate the Pioneer SD cards. I mean... *some* of us, who shall remain nameless of course... have never paid for a map update... and this probably won't be any different. Thoughts? Also, the Pioneer site just says it's a map upgrade...
  9. You have to get it off of the Pioneer unit. Search the forums for the "test mode files" put them on an SD card, restart the unit, and find the phonebook db file... That's the file that the AVIC db software will open.
  10. Can you add THIS one? PS... Just kidding
  11. You can type in the names however you want in the software. The AVIC unit/software uses the name that you enter to identify what number to dial on your phone... When that number gets dialed on your phone... the phone identifies which contact it is. Try just dialing your mom's number on your phone without using a contact or speed dial... it will tell you that you're connected to your mother because it recognizes the number that was dialed in. When you use the software to define your contacts... the AVIC is essentially dialing the number instead of your finger. So... the only thing that
  12. I just used this program to clean up my phone database for my F90BT and Verizon Blackberry 9530. Everything works great... but I do have a question... Is there a way to make the Pioneer not attach "...mobile ...home ... work" on the screen and not say "GENERAL" after the name when I call? If I choose "None" in the software, the radio will just show the name I've entered, but read "GENERAL" after each name. For entries like "Krista's House" in the software... When I use conversational commands like "Call Krista's House" It will either say "Calling Krista's House Home" or "Calling
  13. OK... so I'm going to start with a blank database file? I really don't know anything about databases and/or SQLite... Can you give me a quick description? For instance, I have the following columns... ID, chShowName, chPhoneCode, and dwType for each entry... If I just want a quickdial list of X people, how would I go about doing that? How do I make sure that they're not automatically alphabetized? And, will they all be voice recognition-compatible? Thanks.
  14. DrPhantum

    peace out.

    Thanks. I'm using the factory Bose amp in a 350Z Touring... so I'm guessing I don't have any dials. But, I'll try SLA. The only "source" I need to adjust is bluetooth phone, which isn't a SOURCE like it was on my D3... but I'll see what I can find anyway. Thanks!
  15. DrPhantum

    peace out.

    I will gladly sacrifice my presets for working MSNDirect functions... Is that all I lose? I won't have to retransfer my contacts or rebuild the VR dictionary for my iPod, will I? Those are what take a lot of time and effort to get back. Thanks for the tip, by the way. Also... Can you elaborate on the amp levels thing? What does this control, and where do I find it? I'm not familiar with it on my current setup... and I'm confident it's not part of the basic Pioneer interface. I'm familiar with OFF, Low, Medium, and High for "Loudness" though... Having a numerical control is not typ
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