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  1. Hi, Living in France i dont succeed in letting work TMC I modified data.zip and sys.txt with Matyana method but TMC dont work neither in Igo nor in Primo Bluetooth is working well! Did somebody succeed with TMC in France?
  2. Hi, At first thank you for all this thread! I am using the PRIMO.EXE to listen radio when driving and it is working But I suppose it is a "light" version because it is not recognised as primo Where could i found the complete version or how can I use two primo.exe at the same time together? Many thanks
  3. Hi, Ok i have understoud! I have other questions does this release fit for a F910BT? If yes,could it read FTR files for trucks after update?(with special maps) because it would be very helpfull to drive my camping car! Thank you for your help! Regards
  4. Hi, i have a 910BT,can i transfer only the your new maps with testmode License or other elser are to change too? Thanks Philippe
  5. Thank you,the new folders are working fine in my AVIC F910BT Just a remark:dont erase the old license file but complete it with the contain of the new one! Congratulations!
  6. Hi, My AVIC 910BT is up to date with the new maps as discribe on the first page! all works perfectly! many thanks for all!
  7. Hi, I try to unzip these files but it dont succeed in! What is the programm to use to unzip? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi, It works with testmode I had only copy the content first It works when this file is name testmode I will try tomorrow!
  9. Hi, I have a problem with my F910BT Map version:02.000600 Version:3.020200 I have loaded testmode with the link of page 1 Copy it on an SD card Put it in my device Turn on the 910bt and nothing The device works normaly and i cant backup it? Have someone any idea?
  10. Hi from France, Does this methode fit to upgrade a f 920BT with CNSD-210fm EU? Thanks
  11. Hi, The link for shortfuse hack v1.003 doesn't work! Has somebody a solution thanks
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