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Dual antenna adapter?

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anyone here have pointers regarding the Pioneer AVIC antenna connections in a B7?


I got the adapter from ENFIG.com, but... there are TWO antenna connectors in the Audi. The AVIC only has one so the question is; how to connect the other from the Audi?


Notice that with the AVIC the AM reception is pretty much non existent (only able to get one station in DFW).


What are the two antenna connections in the A4 for? i.e. is one for AM and the other for FM or is one connection for AM/FM and the other for satellite radio? My A4 did not come with satellite radio BTW...


Suggestions? Hints?


I found a splitter:


http://www.hifisoundconnection.com/Shop ... /SFV/30046


which may do the trick, depending on what the two antenna connections are for. Would get another Audi antenna connection adapter (for a total of 2) which would then allow connection of both antennas. Thoughts?

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The reason that you are not getting AM reception is that the vehicles with the roof mount antenna have an AM antenna that needs to be turned on... One antenna is for AM/FM the other is for Sat radio or radio data information depending on where your car is built for... Basically you need an adapter that has a 12v injector on it and that is what will turn on the AM reception


Scosche makes a part that will do this for you (I assume that your A4 is a 2000 or newer) the part number is VWA4B this should do the trick for you!! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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