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All iPod touches don't have gps functionality. They are all wifi location based. There are 3rd party 30pin/lightning adapters that give the itouch true gps functionality but they are horribly buggy. Some are better than others, but it's still not as good as OEM. What you could do is get an iPad mini wifi+4g which has a GPS chip built into the mobo.

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Finally got round to buying a second hand iPod touch 3rd generation 32 gb connected it up altered the head unit to others as I am running an IPhone 5S but when I launch appradio it it says allow on my phone but then it doesn't launch.

Played around for ages to no avail just looked at the appradio in the app store and it says only compatible with iPod touch 4 gen is this correct, the iPod works for music by the way

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The iPod touch 3rd gen work perfectly with appradio gps antenna, sometimes when you connect to the radio not fixiing gps signal, reboot the iPod and it return to function correctly! I not know the cause....

I have try it with app radio sphda01 and sphda100.

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