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  1. Never mind. I got it. Closed!!!
  2. I am trying to tap into reverse wire in front at the kick panel for backup camera wiring. If you know where to locate the wire, please share. As I search, people talking about green/black wire at 42 pin plug, but it's 2007 and 2010 doesn't have any 42 pin plug and I don't see gree/black wire.
  3. Anyway, I think you guys are way off the topic. Just need to know whether I should control from D3 or amps or both. I answer myself by saying both with good reasons.
  4. I agree with superjet. The speaker I got reponses to frequency 25Hz-25,000Hz. I just want to play 25Hz-250Hz on this speaker. There is nothing wrong with this. Pushing "unsupported" frequencies to the speaker is really bad. Just like send full spectrum to tweeter is bad since tweeter is designed for high frequencies only. But this is not a case in my scenario. Why I don't try sub instead of this speaker? I am not a fan of bass. Having a sub gives me too much bass. This speaker gives me enough bass I am looking for.
  5. Because I want it act as a sub. Amps doesn't have bass boost.
  6. I have amps, but not sub. I select speakers with low frequency response for rear speakers to fill with bass. You meant just turn the low pass on the amp? not the D3?
  7. I normally set low pass on the amp to just let the low frequencies going to the rear speakers. The D3 has the option to turn on/off the sub-woofer. If you turn on the sub-woofer, it will does something similar. What should I do? both or just the amps?
  8. This is just turn off the screen but you still can hear audio. Anyway we can power off the unit. Most unit has this function, but not D3???
  9. Remember you are innocent until found guilty. They [not you] have to prove it. The police may charge you a fine for the bypass but insurance cannot refuse the reimbursement. Possessing a gun doesn't mean you commit murder. They may charge you for possessing a gun though [if you do not license to have one].
  10. Ok, ok, I heard you. That is what I did. I just want a quick one click thing. Anyway, I just try to answer dsf3g's question.
  11. No, I don't want to shuffle. I want to play all songs. This is new and I only have about 100 songs.
  12. Got the old 30G today. It works (video and tracking information update correctly). However, I got a few gliches/questions. 1. Sometimes everything is frozen and I see Error-11??? 2. When playing video, I cannot switch back to music. I touch the screen and see the music button, click on it and nothing played, got Error-11. Do I have to use iPod to switch back to music? 3. Is there anyway to select to play all songs from D3? I see only Playlist, albums, artist, genres and none of these give me option to play all. The new ones (8G and 80G I returned) do have the option "All" to play all. 4
  13. It seems it only freeze up when you click video tab, podcast tab or something like that. Make sure you test that out.
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