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  1. This particular module you will require the special CD-IU201N cable, since the USB only charges and interfaces between the unit, the audio and video go thru the special port in which the CD-IU201N uses...
  2. Look up the AVIC-X930BT video bypass procedure, its the same Way Better than the on/off switch, which won't work anyways once you start moving
  3. Hmm very weird becuase when I had the AVIC-Z110BT I had the same NO AUDIO issues with my HIDs everytime I turn them on, but then when I upgraded to the AVIC-Z120BT it never did it again. And then I had the AVIC-Z130BT and now the AVIC-Z140BH, and no issues so far, only had issues with my AVIC-Z110BT at the time. Thought maybe they fixed it by adding some shielding and mor filters in the newer models since the 120 and on were fine with my HIDs!
  4. Z120 Stolen - Z130 or wait for Z140

    The 140 does have voice, pretty much has everything the 130 has and more. Pretty much a 130 revamped with updated software. I know because I had the 130 before and just go the 140 last week. Superb deck especially the advanced app mode! *The rep probably told you that so you would go out and buy the 130 to help dealers get rid of old stock so they can order new 140 stock! Yes, you can in the future upgrade the 130 into the 140, but you would have to pay extra, but choosing between the 2 better off with the 140 then u already have it! But I guess you already got the 130... The maps and POIs are way better, especially because of the transition from TeleAtlas to NavTeq, and I always like the newest tech anyways, I had them all since the very first AVIC-N1 and Z1!
  5. iPhone & iTouch IOS 5.0.1+ Wifi-sync to Pioneer!

    Hmm, I don't see anywhere to change it lol
  6. iPhone & iTouch IOS 5.0.1+ Wifi-sync to Pioneer!

    Anyway to change the topic heading to say IOS 5.0.1?
  7. 130BT No artist - song titles displayed when playing a CD?

    You'll just have to "reburn" your audio cds with CD-TEXT, most audio burner software like Nero can automatically retrieve the CDDB database and insert them into the CD-TEXT info, unless it was a custom track/playlists (not original artist cd), but most cases of you created it from mp3's usually the tag info from mp3s will transfer over to CD-TEXT, as long as the CD-TEXT is enabled on your burner software. I know its a pain the arse to reburn your cds, but then I can keep my originals stored and just use burned discs so if I scratch or break them it doesnt matter I can reburn it again... then again I haven't used a CD since I got my iTouch and iPhone!
  8. assignable bt output?

    Why don't you just move your processor to the front rcas to get the BT audio through your other speakers? And then you can set the audio system to MUTE while a call comes in, navigation guidance or voice control [bT+ NAV + GUIDANCE MUTE] and you can set the level of mute, 10%, 20% or full mute.
  9. Is the Z130 able to display RDS on non HD stations?

    I don't think the Z130 has RDS on it, they may have removed it to support the HD Radio maybe?
  10. I love this unit, BUT the lack of streets is KILLING it!

    The street names shows on certain levels of scaling your on, just play with the map scaling and you'll see streets popping up and/or street names showing and not...
  11. Well if you entered the house's destination address into it to find it, wouldn't you then already know what the house number is? lol Unless you're searching by like PIO or name of business, when you goto search on it, it should tell you in the INFO button when it lists them
  12. Z130BT / Z120BT same harnesses

    The RCA/AV cables have changed for sure, but the main power/speaker harnesses are the same... AVIC-Z120BT Rear: AVIC-Z130BT Rear:
  13. iPhone & iTouch IOS 5.0.1+ Wifi-sync to Pioneer!

    Thanks wabadie for confirming it with ios 5.0.1! I always wanted a way to update music or videos to my truck without having to reburn a disc, or having to get the device out of the truck everytime I want to add a song or so. This now makes it soo much more convenient, especially at those times where you just heard something cool and want to listen to it when your in the vehicle, so I just add it to itunes and press sync and its there!
  14. iPhone & iTouch IOS 5.0.1+ Wifi-sync to Pioneer!

    Just did it again this morning, not plugged in on the coffee table since 2:30am, its now 9:17am, went on itunes, it pops up, and still can sync! No timed-out or wifi shutdown at all! Like I said in the last post check your syncserver.exe in your firewall settings!
  15. iPhone & iTouch IOS 5.0.1+ Wifi-sync to Pioneer!

    Here is the video you all been waiting for! I have my older 3GS (if 3GS works so should 4 and 4S, which I left at work - oops!) sitting here in standby, for about a few hours without being plugged in or touched or turned on (just standby), and then I go onto my laptop, start up iTunes, wait for my iphone to show (takes a few secs to a minute depending on your network), it then pops up, does its startup/pre-connection circle thingy until it connects and shows the Eject button, then I press the sync button, it'll search for my iPhone, connect and start syncing, all from within my iTunes on my laptop... Also check your virus programs, firewalls, and network connections from blocking any incoming/outgoing connections to your iPhone/iTouch! 5 other friends of mine do the same thing, this all works for them too! 2 have the AVIC-930BT and a iTouch 4G, so they love this leaving in the vehicle, the other 3 just have it hooked up as an AUX input to there deck, but don't have to bring them in anymore! I hope you guys that are having problems can solve the issues you are having, maybe firewall, network/router settings? I can access my phone or touch at ANY time, there is no timed-out or anything, unless your router's wifi settings or some other setting is causing it to disconnect (maybe some type of idle mode/no activity autodisconnect option). Because when it works, its so great and convenient! It was always a PAIN to remember to bring in the iTouch or forget the iPhone in the car all the time! I usually leave my iphone in my truck connected for netflix and never really use my phone in the house often anyways, just take it out during the day while im out and about and when I'm away from the truck, but leave it in the truck overnight, except tonight I left my 4S at work! So my old 3GS is shown here doing what I mentioned! I'll post a video of my deck retaining power which is not necessary or required anyways for alot of ppl since you can SYNC regardless! If still no go, try this, Open the windows firewall settings, and look if "SyncServer.exe" is allowed. I'm gonna guess it isn't even listed Instructions (Windows 7 x64 - Vista is probably similar): Open "Control Panel" Select "Windows Firewall" Click "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall" Look for "SyncServer" in the list. It won't be there. Click "Add program" or "Change Settings" then "Allow another program" Click "Browse..." Find "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\SyncServer.exe" Restart iTunes and your iPod/Phone/Pad should appear in iTunes even when disconnected. If not, try rebooting to make sure everything is reloaded properly. Also you can try to reboot your device too, don't just put it to sleep, actually power it off fully and power it back on... that seems to solve alot of issues such as 3G connection, WIFI connection, etc.