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  1. Came from here to my email on record here (like when you subscribe to thread) That is probably why some didn't get it, because you weren't subscribed to that thread. When I clicked link, came here to my inbox with the same message as if the Admin PM'd me.
  2. Got this email (SPAM) in my in box, here at the board! Looks like there was a breach, JasonH. "Important to read" was a link to a Drug Site!
  3. I had ordered the screws, but didn't need them. I read the "2 million posts" here and Garret's excellent instructions (is that a movie?) on how tight the screws are and how to swap out. Can't beat Garret's honesty and integrity. I had pestered him for a month while my Z1 was at pioneer in for repair and then after that, had problem (thought I did) with Garret's boot screen. Nope...was under my nose. The grounding instructions worked like a charm! My F-150 s'crew never looked better! Forget about buying that eBay crap. So you pay 10 bucks more or less here...try and get the support Garret
  4. 2 things: I am looking at the instructions to how to bypass by grounding 2 wires. I had grounded the parking brake (light green from unit) and the system works (bypassing) w/o grounding the last pin on connector 2. Anyone know why? Also I see the instructions that some peeps relocated the "cell phone mute" wire to the last pin on connector 2 and grounded that...only thing is, I CAN NOT find (and not shown in instructions) where the original location of the "cell phone mute" wire is, in order to use it. Anyone know the original location of the "cell phone mute" wire? Oh, and I grounded the
  5. "ads.gmodules.com" is bogging down the board!
  6. I assume you followed the required steps for the 800HD update ? And that you actually got the HD800 update disk from Pioneer, as you can only use it for ONE Pioneer Z-series. The password is generated one-time, based on the serial number of the unit and DVD... Instructions for the European version f.i. are here: http://www.service.pioneer-eur.com/peeservice/instrmanuals.nsf/0/4E357736FEC6AB98C125748000344960/$File/MAN-CNDV-800HD-EN.pdf I assume that the US version works practically the same, i.e. you need to get a password from the Pioneer site. In addition, for the second phase yo
  7. If you are still looking, go to Ultra Sounds in Lynbrook. He does all high end work and reasonable. He does all the Howard Stern Crew's installs. Ask for John. PM me if you want more info.
  8. I installed mine in the garbage can right outside my back door of my house. It should be working pretty good now over at the landfill.
  9. DataAve


    I have an '05 F-150 FX4, 4 door and drilled the license plate. The hole landed right smack in the middle of the “O†in the numbers of my license plate. You really don't notice it unless you know it's there. I drilled it with a uni-bit (some call it a stepper bit). It landed dead center over the trailer hitch and also has a good rear view when changing lanes and backing up. Very handy! Backing up to the trailer is spot on and no more getting out to align the trailer.
  10. Just one of those days, bud. Don't mean to sound like I am pissed off at the world, but I am. I apologize for venting. This Pioneer thing is just the icing, yet in the scheme of things, bull@#it. I am still fighting 6 ave for a defective unit they sent me, no unit, no refund/credit. Since May 2006! Was I to leave a hole in my dash? I bought elsewhere thinking 6ave electronics would do the RIGHT thing. All I wanted was a unit that works. They have my hard earned cash and no unit! Figure that one out. I want the guy on the phone (how cordial he was) at 6ave Electronics the day I was buying the u
  11. Improved? I paid for a working Bluetooth and I want working Bluetooth and I (we) am/are not tech support for Pioneer. Had I installed a Biometric System with a small issue, like not reading certain people's Iris, we would get sued. But hey, we are not Pioneer. I would be hard pressed to buy another Pioneer product again.
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