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  1. Actually although it said the BT firmware was successful, after reading this post http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81891-avh-4000nex-update-111-bluetooth-update-problem/&do=findComment&comment=337472 I checked and it's the same for me. I don't think it actually updated it.
  2. Worked again for me as well. Bluetooth firmware as well
  3. I agree with the above. I didn't lose my parking brake wire bypass upgrading either. They will likely be a hardware mod or the USA people would just be doing the EU upgrade to get a proper bypass.
  4. I took the plunge and all seems well. It does feel slightly quicker but that could be a trick of the mind!
  5. GM Illumination Voltage Reversal

    Yes sorry PNP. As its only switching and no current will flow, you could get away without any perfboard and just solder it directly the leads to the legs and heat shrink. A relay would possibly be more reliable but without any real load, any transistor should last a lot longer than the life of the unit.
  6. GM Illumination Voltage Reversal

    The other option is just wire in an NPN transistor to invert the signal
  7. GM Illumination Voltage Reversal

    In fact, if you check page 84 of the English manual, it says that the Brightness and Contrast settings are stored independently with the headlights off and on.
  8. GM Illumination Voltage Reversal

    Sorry, you've taken my reply the wrong way. What I mean is that I think the settings for for brightness on the screens are set on 2 profiles, one which always activates when the lights are on and one one they are off. So it "Doesn't Matter" if you've got them inverted, because you can set all the levels to exactly as you want on each profile. Try setting the levels as you want with the lights turned on. I think it will retain them.
  9. GM Illumination Voltage Reversal

    Does it matter? I could be wrong but I think all the brightness settings are configurable on each profile.
  10. iOS 9 Compatibility

    The GM has been available since last week. No problems here.
  11. AVIC Development Mod - Developer Debug Menu

    Just to confirm, this also works on the SPH-DA120
  12. Tried a force quit on the app and launched again?
  13. Firmware isn't going to help as it doesn't have a wifi chip on board. I kinda agree though. I think the AR5 is going to be a better solution. I bet they go back to 7" and integrate Android Auto. These things are becoming like Apple gear where you have to sell and buy the latest version every couple of years!
  14. An alternative for iPhone users

    I think mine is the same (also 809iii). Also, I don't think OK Google works. I have 4.4.2 installed and get the icons, but I don't think it works over the bluetooth profile.