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  1. Succesfully updated my F9220BT using CARDINFO from 2017, thank you very much!
  2. Like I've wrote, I have f9220bt. I only edited file from prg1 without copying it to prg0(or doing anything with prg0). I've noticed that these file are completely different, so I wouldn't recommend to copy from prg0 to prg1 and the other way(although I'm not really an expert). What doesn't work more precisely?
  3. Here you have testmode file: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35110-avic-f40bt-testmode-fixed-firmware/?p=256194 Just copy this one to a SD card.
  4. I tried editing RenewalIFlib file but I have completely different numbers(I know how to use hex editor) than monsterF9 even though I have the same unit(f9220bt). Does anyone know why and what should I do? EDIT: Ok, solution was much easier than I thought. I was looking for wrong file. I had to change this one from prg1,not from prg0. So another confirmation that monsterF9 method works on f9220bt. THANK YOU! EDIT2: and btw polish voice commands works without any additional files/installation.
  5. To all of you guys: To get a password send a Private Message to: Flomsen or Ivoo or CELL and stop spamming this topic.
  6. Links are fine, instalation was easy, everything works. Thanks man! f9220bt
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