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  1. i ran iGo8.3 on my f320bt with 1.0 version but i can hardly hear something. Can somebody upload the good version of iGO with good sys.txt file ? Or maybe the whole SD Card - it will be ok , also
  2. I ve got f320bt, I managed to run TESTMODE, but i dont know now how to run IGo8 ( can be also in testmode - it doesnt matter to me as long as it works well ). Thanks for reply.
  3. F310BT hack is real

    Hello guys, I put files from TESTMODE_BY_CHARLIE to root folder of MsSD card and pushed reset on front panel.... but nothing happens ... What did I wrong ? I have f320bt ver.1.00 ....
  4. Hello guys, Will this work on F320bt ? I have version 1.004 , Is it a big issue it`s a bit out of date ? I`ll make a donate with pleasure if it works...
  5. Hello, Could anyone tell me how to upgdade navi from version v.1.0 ? I ve got PIONEER Avic F320BT ... My maps are out of date
  6. CNSD-210FM European SD Card download (2011)

    x2 Will this work on F320BT ?
  7. Hello guys, I ve got AVIC F320BT with software version 1.0. My maps and software is out of date I`m completely newbie . Could you tell me , what should I start with to update my Radio ? How to come in test mode , and what volume of SDCard should I have to put these files on ? Thanks for starting with this.