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  2. Thanks RonS! I've done all this: Unpacked 2017 Update with "Single Quotes" then as Psydon wrote: edited CARDINFO.CIF. OE9R75LQ2MJ2X72EUR and replace it with X07EURX27EURX30EUR Then save CARDINFO.CIF and replace the update to SD card. (I already provide edited CARDINFO.CIF, so you can simply overwrite it) Then I used TestMode to get RenewalIFLib.dll from HU to edit it. I copied from the following location \ USER \ PRG0 \ APL Then it worked on PC with HxD.exe and made the following changes: Replaces all (hex) 0350A0E3 with 0050A0E3. Saved the file, copied to SD card, then copied to HU copied to: \ USER \ PRG0 \ APL and \ USER \ PRG1 \ APL Booted SD Card with 2017 update, then entered for update password: PASSWORDPASSWORD At 98% received the message "Wrong SD", I repeated 2017 update-the same result !!! Then I tried to write the files to another SD, the result is the same! Next, I chose to SD 2017 Update\ UPDATE \ USER \ PRG \ APL to replace RenewalIFLib.dll with the modified RenewalIFLib.dll. Then everything works!!! seafarer Edit RenewalIFLib.dll in HxD.exe Replaces all (hex) 0350A0E3 with 0050A0E3 Try again, as RonS writes, again unpack 2017 Update... I am sorry for my English
  3. This is CardInfo of Update 2015 F20BT https://mega.nz/#!hbQRzawR!kGs0DWU96Otvl-Wtv6j2MRNqUj25G_Y6Su01UqXHylc
  4. I have also updated my AviÑ F20BT! I had problems on 98%, "set the correct SD" I solved the problem, copied the modified file RenewallFlib.dll in the update 2017! THX to Godzilla and RonS!
  5. it past for F10BT, F20BT ... or must use something else? Best regards
  6. If the update fails and you are stuck with "Wrong SD" message: -boot into testmode. -go into file maintenance -remove the file USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log THX aksneo
  7. I have AVIC F20BT with Apple! I can not say anything about your 4100NEX
  8. help me! I need 2 files: VERINFO.DAT CARDINFO.CIF for F40BT THX
  9. Flomsen Please, can you send me a password?, thanks in advance
  10. Blitzerwarnung / Speedcams

  11. Привет! вчера обновил Ñвой F20BT, огромное ÑпаÑибо AVIC411! но еÑÑ‚ÑŒ вопроÑ, помогите пожайлуÑта поÑтавить TTS German?