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  1. I believe it is the airplay.conf file as it houses the Icon files. If you decompress the 4000 firmware I would bet that it houses some config.
  2. @rjoc what did you use to recompile the .img into a .prg?
  3. Looks like only the Platform folder has a mountable filesystem
  4. It works I can now browse the platform directory and make changes. Now the question is, am I crazy enough to try it on my deck. I am starting to do each prg file. You can see the progress here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hwswi29kyo7nq6o/AAB2Emua4zzeis-cpr-v8twOa?dl=0 Note that this is for the 8100NEX even though it says 5100
  5. Ok gonna give this post a shot its an example how to recompile the .prg files! #24
  6. Hi, I can't get the links on the front page to work. Anyone else having issues with that?
  7. The release notes specifically state that CarPlay will crash on music for iOS Beta 8.4
  8. Hi All, I have an iPhone 6 plugged into my NEX-4000 and if I try to browse any app on the iPhone 6 while plugged in the deck stops all audio. Has anyone else seen this?
  9. Curious I wonder if this is a bluetooth protocol or a WiFi protocol, do you have another device you can scan the wifi and bluetooth with?
  10. So who else is upset after spending money on a fancy NEX-8000? http://9to5mac.com/2015/02/09/ios-8-3-brings-wireless-carplay-to-the-iphone/
  11. So in order to have a real case, there needs to be marketing material that is from Pioneer themselves advertising the feature. The manual can work but is not as good as a case because it is something you would have seen after buying the radio and is not something that Pioneer promoted. We need either a screen capture of the site when it was promoting it (which it looks like they have removed all references to it and just mention app radio live) or a NEX box that mentions AVICSync on it.
  12. bass_rock


    Hi all, Does anyone have a picture of the nex box that shows avic sync or a picture of the website saying AVICSync? I have a family friend that does class action and they actually find this case interesting but we need some form of proof that AVICSync was advertised and it seems all mention of it has been removed from the site and new boxes.
  13. You have to remember issues with CarPlay is Apple's domain as the UI an features for the most part can change via an iOS update. I have taken the liberty to file bugs with Apple (I am an app dev) in their dev portal. I suggest anyone that can do the same as that will help the usability issues get resolved and show that people are using the feature. Here are my open radars for the bugs: CarPlay Album Artwork Too Dim CarPlay Requires Unlock On Plugin CarPlay Message Display CarPlay Maps View Unusable
  14. Looks like @PioneerUK Is Responding to some tweets. Got The following out of them: @bass_rock @dz1262 firmware cannot be released until approval has been granted. Once approved it will be released. Till the we have to wait Then I sent this: @PioneerUK@dz1262 Ok. what about features like map updates and iOS 8 Fixes.? You had 5 betas and all summer to fix iOS 8 issues. Then this: @bass_rock @dz1262 map updates are available. Not all bugs can be fixed by Pioneer updates. Some are with in iOS8 itself Will update when more comes. Looks like they are currently play
  15. What are you talking about.... Beats is one of the supported apps on Apple's site for Carplay.. https://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/
  16. So pioneer just posted this... http://t.co/7ZABy3oT5U Any thoughts??????
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