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  1. Flip-out screen on the AVH-X7700bt

    The screen on my avh-x7700bt stops about 1/2" to 3/4 of an inch from parallel when closing. This means the screen will not go back into the radio unit. It must go parallel for it to slide into the unit. Has any one with a flip-out single din had this problem and is it fixable? Thanks Phil
  2. 4200 and Android Auto

    I am pretty sure it will work that way no matter which unit you own. CarPlay or Android Auto work as its own system, and your Navi will not work while either one of those is loaded. Like I said, I am pretty sure. Phil
  3. New Pioneer U260 Nav Add-on

    I know this is an old topic, but I am in the process of installing the avic-u260 and was wondering where you placed the TMC antenna? I also saw somewhere that you do not need to put the GPS antenna on the dash, but you could put it under the dash and it will still work fine as long it is still has sight of the front window. Thanks, Phil
  4. iPhone 6, Carplay, and Waze

    Waze works fine with AppRadioLive. For the CBS News, is there a special app that works with CarPlay? I have the one just labeled CBS News and it does not show up on my CarPlay. I read every build on the app, and no where did it state that it works with CarPlay. But yet some say it does. Thanks Phil
  5. iPhone 6, Carplay, and Waze

    I think once you have CarPlay open, you can go back to NEX mode and start SiriusXM, and then go back to CarPlay/Maps, and XM will still continue to play. You just would not have any control over XM unless you went all the way out to NEX again. Phil
  6. iPhone 6, Carplay, and Waze

    iHeart Radio, Rdio, Spotify, Stitcher, and Overcast, I think are the only apps that work with carplay right now. That is besides their own stock apps, messages, phone, maps, etc. I thought CBS News was supposed to, but it does not show up in my CarPlay. Phil
  7. Change Forum Name

    I am thinking they should change the name of this forum to "The Forgotten NEX". Then they can start a new one for the NEX 2015 Phil
  8. no street names (TTS) whatsoever...

    I am not at my unit right now, but I think there is a setting in Nav to let you select how much data you want displayed/spoken. Maybe someone else can help out. Phil
  9. AvicSync

    I imagine now that the new models are coming out, all work on the 2014 models will come to a stop. Including AvicSync which I thought they promised by years end. A few days left yet. Phil
  10. Appradio mode with iPhone 6

    I personally think App Radio is not even worth the effort. Almost every app you try to open requires you to go to your phone to click the ok button. Same with App Radio Live. Why does pioneer think we even need these on the NEX. The NEX units by themselves do everything you really need while driving. Now add CarPlay which is not perfect, but 99% better than any of their App Radio modes. Really, how much can you really be playing around with while you are driving?
  11. Siri Functionality on new NEX Units?

    I am pretty sure that when you use the "Hey Siri" function, you must say everything in one statement. You can not wait for a beep, or a prompt. Just say "Hey Siri do I have any messages. You have to find out what statements she will respond to. I never used the direction one so I am not sure how you ask for directions. I imagine if you do a search for her commands, many search pages should come up. Phil
  12. Anyone know how I can get Waze to work on AppRadio mode?

    I am pretty sure you need to select Digital AV adaptor mode in your phone settings on the NEX for App Radio and App Radio Live to work. You have your choice of Bluetooth, Digital Adaptor and USB. You can not select more then one. And I am pretty sure Waze works in App Radio mode.
  13. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Settings I would like to see: Being able to set different sound levels for Siri, Phone Calls, Music, etc. Would like to be able to have an alert beep when getting a message. Right now there is only a notice on the screen. If you are not looking at the screen, you miss it. Maybe that is because I always have my phone on vibrate. Have to check that out. I would like to be able to set my position and maybe size of the icons. I would like to just click once for the "warning screen" in settings, and then never see it again. A setting to "Auto Answer" calls. Maybe some of these already exist, not sure. Phil
  14. SIRI Eyes Distortion

    I think Siri uses iCloud for its interaction, so it might have something to do with your cell connection. But just guessing on that.
  15. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Phone calls are fine on my 7000 using CarPlay. They sound just as good as when I am on Bluetooth. I still wish there were an app on my phone for CarPlay settings. There are various settings that I would like to control.