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  1. Navigation Mute Button

    i have done it already , Pioneer support can not understand what i whant from support i have sendt all with Screen photos and copies from a user manual , only standart (formal) answer ....
  2. The AVIC Development Mod

    Тhese people take a time and make a lot of progress for us , you make nothing , only promises , and now you say to us, that we became nothing , it's realy good turn ) it seems ,that you have nothing to give to us , only a game that you play hере , Ðндрей....
  3. The AVIC Development Mod

    @Lucca wenn you have it ,then give it to us , wenn not , don't waist our time
  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    @Adam developers don't sleep tonight you should insert just another point in to the FAQ what is bypass ?
  5. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    its managable enough for me
  6. Dimmer Settings on NEX Units

    +48 Day +7 Night
  7. Avic 6000nex

    is your parking brake cable connected ?
  8. a question about 3D calibration

    Hello i have unknow trouble with it , a have speed impuls and rear gear connected , wenn i open a 3d state display , i can see a speedpulse ( the counter is o.k) but the distance (km or Mile) 0.00 , i can drive a 20 km and a Unit dont make any progress by turn's a have tried many times with total reset of the unit , and with only reset calibrate ,and with take a Unit away from car , and one time from 5 or 10 distance run's and i can calibrate the Unit with in 5 to 8 km. It "see" a turns and so on and 3d-Hybrid appers ,but i don't not understand , what i must to du that distance run's . It's probably a Ghost in it Can anybody explain to me , how it must work ? I make the same things , and one's it run's and another 5 time not Sorry for my bad english
  9. Muting the GPS and other bugs?

    Thats the point ,but we need this option , and it must be , that's my opinion we can drive a Bicycle but we drive cars , what i whant to say ,that it's a High End hardware and software , and it should stay so
  10. Muting the GPS and other bugs?

    use one button or use a three buttons or more , whats is easily ? i know that you know an answer and it more secure to touch a button ones then navigate thrue menu options
  11. Muting the GPS and other bugs?

    I can confirm , it's no MUTE in NAVI MAP screen i have written to PIONEER support Allready , but you can MUTE a NAVI wenn you have maked a route , in this case MUTE is on the screen (pause icon)