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  1. rca cable

    hello, somebody know where i can buy the cable Assy ref CDF 1082 ? it's for avic F77 DAB. thanks you.
  2. AVIC Development Mod - Developer Debug Menu

    is the technical manual the same for the f77 ?
  3. Pioneer AVIC-F60DAB BAD SD CARD

  4. Backups and Images

    good thing this thread !!! i have the avic f77 image. how can i do to upload it in this folder ?
  5. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    yes i have !!! i'll test it and i'll tell you if it work. thanks
  6. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    doesn't work for the avic f77 with last firmware 1.10. someone have the same configuration?
  7. optical output

    hello, is it possible to create an optical output to a 8100 ? ( F77 ) is someone have already do it ? if someone have do it, the fonction "volume" work for this output ? thanks
  8. cover in windows avicf77

    ok thanks. it work. just files .jpg not too big (max 500x500 or 600x600 . more it doesn't work ) !!!!!
  9. cover in windows avicf77

    ok,thanks. but all my files are FLAC. you mean i'll tag all the album folder with cover included ? (i can do it with foobar i think ..)
  10. cover in windows avicf77

    another test : all the .jpg 1500x1500 : some appears , some not. 300 x 300 same thing . i don't known what to test....
  11. cover in windows avicf77

    yes too. i rename all .jpg "folder" ; i try "cover" too .
  12. cover in windows avicf77

    i already try but it seems little covers doesn't never appear. i'll watching the format for every covers which appears...
  13. cover in windows avicf77

    hello,somebody knows why sometimes cover appears in avic windows,sometines doesn't appears ??? is there something special to do for covers appears for all songs . i name cover file "cover" in a album folder. many thanks
  14. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    i'm interested too. i think it's a shame by pioneer to sell unit so expensive and not have cd text !!!!! just title !! artist name !! album name !! nothing !!!! it's a shame !!
  15. Problem with avic-f80

    have find a solution ?