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  1. Apple lossless

    3 years later....any updates on we use ALAC files?
  2. Any alternatives for those with more than 15,000 files/1,500 folders? Can I have 15,000 files/1,500 folders in both SD Card/USB HDD...total 30,000 files/3,000 folders? or is the max 15,000 files/1,500 folders between both SD Card/USB HDD?
  3. Thanks guys....everything worked as plan...took less than 2minutes
  4. going to access through phone
  5. Can you please be more specific. How to enter test mode? What should I do in test mode? ...............I'd like to get all the specifics I need before mistakenly bricking my system
  6. Looks like I'll have to purchase a password reset from ebay. Any recommended sellers?
  7. Is there a setting to have the head unit start on mute or low volume?
  8. its the small things that count lol
  9. It can lock up when you exceed the file/folder limit
  10. Update 1.11 now available (Avicsync)

    Not worth updating....I read the email 30 seconds after they sent it. And said to myself I wouldn't update unless (1)It's absolutely necessary (2)A few weeks after members post their experience with the new patch.
  11. Update 1.11 now available (Avicsync)

    I'll wait or pass on it. All I Want ================= 1-Get rid of the image resolution limit for album art. Album art from iTunes are well over 1400x 2-Get rid file/folder limitation....I have more than a TB of music...limits SUCK
  12. It doesn't matter how you organize your files.....there's a media file/folder limit. It would be nice if Pioneer remove this limitation. you can look in here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81411-any-alternatives-for-those-with-more-than-15000-files1500-folders/&do=findComment&comment=333872
  13. The AVIC Development Mod

    What are the possible chances for these features/hacks? 1)Album art exceeding 600*600 2)No media(flac,mp3,m4a) file/folder limitation
  14. Audio Settings 101....noob question

    Found this video to be very informative
  15. What exactly are the functions on the screenshots? What would be the ideal settings for crisp playback, heavy bass, etc? Thanks in advance
  16. Audio Settings 101....noob question

    Thank you for responding guys....I have since lowered my sub woofer's crossover to 100Hz
  17. I have a 128gb 6plus.....have about less than 3gb left With T-Mobile spotify/pandora/apple music does not count against data plan. In 2015 1,500 folder/15,000 media file limit is inexcusable
  18. Thanks guys....so pretty much as long as I have a 256gb SD card I can exceed the 1,500 folder/15,000 media file limit?
  19. Would like to go back to 1.08. 1.10 has been problematic....HDD indexing does not go past 70%
  20. Thanks...looking forward to your response
  21. This thread is about the NEX Series file index limitation....I'd like to keep it on topic
  22. How many files/folders do you have in your microSD?
  23. So if I use a 256 SSD (formatted to FAT32 using a 3rd party software) I can exceed Pioneers file count limitation?