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  1. 5100 Nex low bluetooth call volume

    Anyone have any ideas about this?
  2. Hey guys, this has been going on for quite some time and it is getting quite annoying and kind of defeats the purpose of even having the bluetooth in the first place I feel like. Audio used to be okay for bluetooth calls however lately it seems to be extremely low. Everything on my phone that I can find shows that call volume is turned up all the way, on the head unit my call volume is set to level 3 which is the highest it will go, and other volumes are turned up and it does not seem to be affected by the current volume setting of the music playing etc. Volume used to seem fine and I would have it on setting 2 but all of the sudden it has been lower and it is getting quite annoying. I cannot even use bluetooth calling in my car unless I am parked and not moving, otherwise any of the audio from wind/tires on the road etc is just too loud for me to hear a call over. Any ideas what may be causing an issue like this or if there is another location on my phone or HU that I can adjust volume related to calls like this?
  3. The AVIC Development Mod

    Thank you.
  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    I was wondering if anyone may assist me and if this is not the right place, or not allowed please forgive me and delete this post. I know when I was getting into this and modding my head unit to be able to update my maps and what not, I had found a forum that had collections of different gps maps and what not on it, which I believe I can still get back to. That being said, I remember there being some online live group chat thing that was almost dedicated to the NEX series units, and I do not remember if I found that link through here or through the other forum with the maps on it. I am trying to get back there so I can get more info about maps. Have not touched my head unit for almost 2 years now and I would really like to update my maps as there have been some significant bridge changes and changes to exits and routes to take in my area over the past few years and at the time when I updated my maps to the most recent at the time, I want to say Q2 or 3 of 2016, they did not have these updates where as I am sure (or hoping) that newer versions would and I am kind of at a loss coming back to this as far as how to actually go about the process. I know using the script gave me a lot of trouble previously and I feel like I ended up manually moving everything over. I ended up trying to back my stuff up properly and use scripts and do a lot of different things and I ran into a lot of trouble last time and in the process lost my history and all of my recent locations, which is not a huge deal but a lot of places I go back and forth to for work fairly frequently were all erased and ended up needing to be re-entered. Really want to try and update my maps to new/current versions without royaly screwing up my headunit and losing anything on it.
  5. The AVIC Development Mod

    Yes I did a .lyc file with it I believe. I remember having issues doing the manual copying and pasting though it was as if my iGO folder was write protected and I could not copy things to it, only do a full copy to back it up. I remember there being another script or something and I used that and it would copy everything from the iGO folder on the root of my flash drive over to the unit and that was the only way I actually got the update to work and I do not remember where exactly I got that script/testmode or however I did it = \. I guess if there's no license file for 2016 it's irrelevant anyway huh?
  6. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hey guys I am looking for some quick advice/help and hope it's not too much to ask. I upgraded/updated my maps almost a year ago and got them up to date with Q3 2015 I believe at that time. I see Q3 2016 is out now and I would really like to upgrade to this. The problem is I kind of forgot exactly what I did to do it before and lost the flash drive I had used for it and I feel like I had found another guide that went a little more indepth that I am having trouble finding again now. Esentially I would like to upgrade from where I am, to 2016 newest maps. I want to backup my unit before I do this. I have a folder on my desktop called "igo backup" and in it I have "copy_script.sh" "script.sh" "sdcardcwwversion.txt" "sdcarddataversion.txt" and "testmode_a.key" Is this all I need? I thought there was a script to actually move the files necesary. If this is the right files I need for my flash drive, does the testmode_a.key get me into the mode where I can manually copy and paste things? Can I get in here and copy my entire igo folder to create a backup of everything I have now incase something goes wrong? The only thing is I remember having an issue where I would get error messages trying to copy everything to my device manually and I thought I had used a script to copy the whole igo folder and am at a loss now what to do and do not want to brick my device.
  7. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hey guys, so I have gotten that FW update installed and done the things in this post, got my 5100nex unit updated with new maps and everything on it etc. One thing I am still curious about though is if it is possible to make traffic updates and everything work? I'm not entirely sure what is needed to do to get this working properly, have tried installing files and licenses but traffic still shows up as red when I look at my files on my headunit as if it is not activated.
  8. Google maps or Apple maps seem to be better

    Is it possible to make the 5100 speak streets by changing voice or is it only in the higher units that it is possible.
  9. The AVIC Development Mod

    Do you have a link or guide to switching completely to a new version? I have no complaints or real issues with this version after getting some extra features and updated maps on but voice control would be nice but I wouldn't know where to begin with that. One other thing is how do I know if traffic info is working or do I need a phone with the app installed or something to make that work?
  10. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    Hey guys been trying to do some searching around and I see the Q1 2016 maps are available, are there licenses available for these as well yet or no? Is 2015 Q3 the newest I can download to use on my 5100NEX? Downloaded usa/canada HERE 2015Q3 and all of the licenses and am going to move everything over when I get home from work and want to make sure I am doing it properly and with the newest, most up to date/best version out there as there are quite a few road changes happening in my area in the past year. Am I just missing the 2016 license somewhere or is there not one yet, and if not in theory once it becomes available I can just delete the folders or items in the folders I need to and move all 2016 files over and that will update me if and when licenses are available?
  11. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hey guys, I am new to all of this and did not know this was an option for my GPS. I am looking to do this but just wanted to clarify I understand it properly before I brick my device doing it wrong. I have a 5100nex on 1.01 FW currently. Before I do anything I must update to 1.05 from Pioneers website, correct? One I do this, I follow the first instructions in this post and I copy the crack files to my USB for 1.05 FW and then connect it to my device and follow the instructions to install it. Once this is on there I go to gpspower and find the maps I want (North america most up to date) and download and extract them to a flash drive. My biggest question is where do I go from here now, how do I actually move them over from the USB to the GPS unit? I'm assuming I also need a license from there ("All iGO Licenses"?) and need to move that over some where the same way as the maps? Once I have the maps and licenses on everything should be good when I try to use my GPS correct, and if I want to add RDS just follow the final steps? Lastly, how would I add other voices, is it along the same lines as above and I need to figure out how to copy files to the device first and then there would be a voice folder I would have to move voices to? Also as far as adding the 8100 features to the 5100 like building views or whatever, how exactly do I do that part? I'm sorry I am very new to this and this guide is very good but I feel like I missed a couple steps or pieces of information that everyone else is more up to date with to be able to finish this process and I would love updated maps. When I look at Pioneers website they don't even have 2016 maps on there for an option for purchase. Update: So I followed the guide, got to 1.05 FW ran the crack, realize it doesn't look like there are even licenses for the 2016 maps yet, so I got 2015 Q3 files. Copied those to my flash drive, copied POI and building files over so far but nothing else. I am currently stuck not trying to move my licenses over. I get a message that existing ones will be overwritten and I try to continue and when I do that I get a message saying paste failed and I am unable to get anything over. I do not know if it is the overwriting part or what. Others have said they just copy every license file over and don't delete anything so I'm afraid to delete all of my licenses and then have an issue trying to put them back on. Has anyone else had this error before? Should I delete all licenses and then move mine over? So I ended up finding the right script to move everything from usb to head unit and got it copied over properly I think I was trying too many licenses. I ran into an issue where I didn't realize the script erased the existing folder so my GPS would not boot, went into slack chat and whatiswhatis was able to help me find what the issue was and fix it.
  12. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Does this bypass allow the Nav (changing address, settings etc) to be used while in motion or is it only for video? Also does it work on a 5100NEX or only the 6 and above?