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  1. So i updated my z110 i had the error with the incorrect sd card at 98% but i just used a different sd card and it worked just fine. My z110 was updated to version 3.0 before doing this update.
  2. Did you use the cardinfo.cif that was posted on the first page?
  3. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    if i remember correctly a lot of people pitched in money via a paypal account and someone bougt the update and then uploaded them for everyone to get, and then they had to be cracked so that anyone could install them.
  4. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    cant wait, ill chip in and help seed if possible. Im really looking forward to the app radio feature.
  5. Android and the Z130 (Pandora)

    Both and that's via bluetooth. even when i would have it linked up with TuneIn radio it would show details. And my avic z110 was updated to the z130 software with updated bluetooth software.
  6. Android and the Z130 (Pandora)

    Yes and no, my iphone 4s would show the song when using bluetooth to play songs and it would let me skip the tracks. My galaxy nexus does not show the song but lets me skip the track. I believe the reason why the iphone 4s shows the track song and all that jazz is because it has bluetooth 4.0 I have my ipod touch hooked up to my HU but i use my android phone sometimes to get more variety.
  7. Os error

    Does anyone know what it means when the unit displays an OS error is their a way to fix that? The reason i ask is because someone is selling 1 for $150 and i'm try to decide if its an easy fix.
  8. Appradio Stuck in Demo Mode

    does anyone know what it means when the unit displays an OS error is their a way to fix that? The reason i ask is because someone is selling 1 for $150 and im try to decide if its an easy fix.
  9. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    if you still need it i think i still have it and can toss it up when i get home tonight.

    Been there done that twice broad daylight on 1 and at night on the other. They popped my lock on my 89 caprice and on my dodge charger they broke out the window and since it was tinted it didn't shatter. It doesn't matter what you have if someone wants it they will get it, it sucks. The best thing to do is what you did is to have it covered by insurance.
  11. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    The directions are in the 1st post and pretty easy. you have to update the patch/crack 1st so that you can update it to the new one. Its the same as the euro version. And it can be done with one sd card but you're going to have to do it 1 at a time. What i did was take the folders/files within the sd1 card folder and put it in the sd card. update it and then erased everything on and did the same with the bluetooth update.
  12. Any way to delete registered / paired?

    i cant recall if this option is new or not, but in the bluetooth settings there is an option to clear memory. i just updated to the 3.22 version but its been there since v3.11. i could be wrong.
  13. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    count me in, my upload speed is about 35-40 mbps
  14. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    guess i will try and figure out how to get this to work on the us version. time to blow some stuff up.
  15. Cracking the Z110/20BT: F10/F20BT included? Region changing?

    does anyone have the CARDINFO.cif file they can pm me. im at work i forgot to copy just that file over to the sd card.