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  1. IPhone 5 Lightning Adapter, Does it Work?

    Against all recommendations here, I bought one of the ebay cables that charge iPhones. I kept my old iphone 4 in glove box and never touched it. Random and the steering wheel controls worked. Playlists worked as well. That Iphone took a dump when it got wet on a boat. I haven't replaced it yet. I was able to get the same functionalilty on my iPhone 5 and the Apple converter. (charging/skipping, etc.) I don't do that though because I don't want to bother hooking it up all the time. I use my Zune instead (aux 1 w/ zune home dock/ cigarette to usb adapter behind the dash) and "suffer" with havign to manually change songs. A word of advice with the iphone 5 adapter - get the adapter with the short cable. You be able to use it with most cases. The short POS only works with flip cases.
  2. Do i need pink & purple wire

    Check with the guy, You most likely will have those short wires coming off the harness, but he's probably syaing it doesn't include the 15-20' of the purple wire w/ the resistor. I think the pink wire was optional as well. I just reinstalled my AVIC-D3 in my new truck today. I got it installed in a shop the first time and he didn't give me the wire with it. Luckily my brother just traded his truck and I was able to take his purple wire for the back up camera. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to just use a regular cable if you don't have the one with the resistor. I would get a 2nd opinion on that though.
  3. avic d3 vs avic f7010bt

    That's incorrect. With the nav disk in, select the location and route. After it's programmed in, you can remove the Nav disk and play what you want (cd's, dvd's, etc.) The route will stay programmed in. Obviously, you won't have the same level of detail without the disk in. I'm not exactly sure how much off your route it will save. It was able to save a route from Long Island to Vermont. There have been times when I done this, went off the route and it was able to recalculate. Even without the Nav disk in, is has some basic level of maps stored in memory.
  4. Apple changed the bottom connector on the iPhone 4 and the new iPods. It swapped the charging location. Total d-bags
  5. Pioneer iPod Cables Purchased On eBay

    I'm trying to reinstall the D3 in my new truck. I have an iPhone4 (iOS5 freshly jailbroken) The $25 ebay 5V cable sounds much better than the $25 pioneer cable and $65 cablejive carcharge + extension kit (http://www.cablejive.com/cart.php?suggest=0). What exactly am I going to get with the recommended $90 cable route? (I won't need to put it in airplane mode to avoid static? I'll get video out? I'll be able to use the steering wheel controls to skip songs in the "music" app, pandora, spotify, etc.) . I already have the PAC OS4 and the SWI-PS for the steering wheel controls. I'm trying to figure the cable situation for music In the past, my main music source was my 80 GB Zune. I connected a Zune home dock to AUX1 (components) and hardwired a cigarette adapter -> USB behind the dash for power. It charged and allowed video on the Avic-D3, but bumps would always disconnect the Zune from the dock. I'm trying to move to an iPhone setup (or iPod 5.5 if neccessary) for steering wheel controls.
  6. iPhone 4 & Avic-D3 = possible Video out???

    Did you ever solve your problems?
  7. Jetta mkiv tdi +avic d3 + iphone 4

    Sorry for the resurrection, but I'm looking to purchase all the cables I need before reinstalling my D3 in my new truck. How this install work out? What can you do with the D3 and the iphone4 (video output? steering wheel controls? what can be controlled on the headunit?) Did the cable work out? I'd rather spend $20 on the ebay 5v cable instead of $25 on a pioneer cable and $60 on the 5v adapter and 6' extension.
  8. Will this replace a cd-i200?

    How do you know this? I would think by now that someone could make an affordable cable that would fully work by itself instead of the $20-25 CD-i200 from Pioneer + the $30-60 power adapter from cablejive
  9. volume display location AVIC d3

    I hate it when it's in the lower left. My friggen hand is in the way and I can't see what volume its at. I have my Zune hardwired to my D3. I didn't bother to maintain the steering wheel controls because 95% of the time I listen to my Zune. I use the remote control on that. I'm always fiddeling around with both volumes.
  10. avic d3 navigation problems

    Are you for real? All I use if burned CDs and I've never had an issue of the eye burning out on any of my pioneer cd players. I've never heard of this before.
  11. Best mp3 player interface

    I generally listen to my mp3s on random mode, but I still have 40-50 gigs of music. I don't even want to think how long it will take to scroll through that. The dock is going on my dash where I'll barely have to reach for it. Adamantium hit the nail on the head -- it looks like a scroll wheel but its far from it. I'd rather use the controls on the zune - a device where they spent countless hours R&Ding the best human interface. Once you connect a iPod to the cable, it can only be controlled from the head unit, right? I take a good amount of road trips and will be using videos quite often. I'm confused how to actually get video to play from the latest gen ipod. Something like click on the video menu on the screen and select the one you want to play. You have to go to the ipod and select tv out for it to work. (This is whats confusing because I thought the control don't work on the ipod when it's plugged in.) I've heard alot of times it goes to the first video in your collection. I'd rather control it on the zune and have it work excatly how I wanted it to. I could go with that IME dock and get controls on the screen, but I'm not paying $250 - the same price as the damn player - to do it. The ipod has too many flaws to begin with in my eyes, I don't need any more excuses not to go with it.
  12. Best mp3 player interface

    Scarab - good to hear that. Let me know how it turns out. HiFiSi: I know that, but from all the posts I've seen here and reviews on cnet, the ipod interface is horrible. Super slow to scroll through your songs. Can't just select a video and play it without going through extra steps. I'm anti-ipod to begin with. The only thing that made me consider it is the 160 gb size and the ability to work directly with this unit. It sounds like I'm better off controlling everything on the zune itself.
  13. Best mp3 player interface

    Ill be getting a D3 next week. I want to install it right the first time. Might as well run the amp wires, mp3 player connection, xbox 360?)vide My mp3 player a dinosaur (creative labs noman zen xtra 60 gb that I've had for 3 years now) and it's time to upgrade. I will not go with a FM transmitter. I want a one-cord/connection solution that will play my mp3s and video on the AVIC as well as charging it. I hate ipods and want to go with an 80 gb zune. The ipod is so tempting with the accessories, but I've read the Ipod interface is retarded on the Avic and videos cause a problem. I've done a bunch of searches and know there are ways around those problems, b ut its annoying to have to do those added steps. It seems like the easiest way with the Zune is using that $250 car kit from iME - (http://www.imedock.com/zune.htm) Thats the same price as the friggen zune so f that. I'm thinking I might be able to get a home AV kit to work. a. If I get the 80 gb unit, do i have to get the AV v2 kit for 80$ b. I can see from the picture on Amazon that you connect a usb cable to the wall ac adapter to get power. c. Instead of plugging the USB cable into the ac adapter, could I use something like this: http://sewelldirect.com/Zip-Linq-USB-Po ... ighter.asp -- a basic cigarette lighter to usb adapter ~$10. I'm going for cleanliness and want to hide all the wires so I'd only have the dock visible. I'd add a cigarette lighter behind the dash and run the power to that; run the component wires to RCA's in the back of the deck and call it a day. This will hopefully eliminate a power inverter and making it super easy to hook up and disconnect the Zune. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of doing it like this, but I haven't seen any posts mentioning this. I'm a noob, can someone tell me if this idea has already been shot down? Thanks alot.