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  1. Same for the 4100NEX. No update.
  2. Apparently this is a known issue with a fix. I'd appreciate it if the site admin would fix this. I can't contribute while on the go (when I do most of my social media). I'm sure others would like it fixed too. From the IP.Board Forum On 12/29/2015 at 10:05 AM, Clover13 said: Issue with iPhone not being able to sign in. Sign in process occurs, but on success, users still aren't signed in. I moved iPhone/iPad user agents to the top and re-cached all. That fixed it.
  3. Carplay getting major updates with iOS 9.3

    CarPlay in 9.3 beta 7 is actually pretty good now. A few bugs I submitted have been squashed, although there's still an issue where if Siri requires a second response it'll boot you back to the app's main screen. Ex. "Take me to John's." Siri responds with, "Home or Work?" Then it boots you back to Maps main screen without waiting for a reply. Supremely annoying. BUT, I can live with that as CarPlay is pretty solid now and quicker.
  4. Hello from Colorado!

    I joined the forum a few days ago. I've been using single DIN Pioneer head units for more than a decade now and got an AVH-4100NEX as my first foray into double DIN and Pioneer's NEX line. So far I LOVE it. It's certainly not without it's quirks but I do love the ease of use, 13 band EQ, and how great it sounds matched with the speakers I'm running (in my signature). Plus the backup camera is grand. I'm an audio engineer by trade and love a great sounding system that isn't overdone. So, hi.
  5. AVH 4100NEX Firmware Update OK Bluetooth Update FAIL

    For me it retained everything including Auto EQ and TA that I did with the Pioneer mic plus my tweaks to the timing. I took pictures of all the screens just in case because I expected them to get wiped out.