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  1. I have updated the maps on F30BT and everything worked great. After restart i noticed i do not have tts voice for my country - Simona TTS (romania) and i tried to install it but after 10 minutes it gives me an error saying it could not install the TTS voice. What am i doing wrong? Thank you!
  2. Is this - x000_1.11_9_18_28.610126 - the correct file for patching Avic F960DAB? Thank you!
  3. I cannot download. When i acces your link it says: †You need permission!†Look at this printscreen:
  4. Hello. Can someone please upload Cardinfo.cif and VERINFO.DAT for Avic F20BT? Thank you!
  5. Hi there. I have 2 questions, if anyone can help me. Question 1: The 2015 map update includes a firmware update? Question 2: If there is no firmware update (not BT) in 2015 map update, where can i find one? Thank you all for your work!
  6. Hello. With all the files on the sd, do i need to enter a password before the update procedure starts? Thanks.
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