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  1. F9220BT update

    Read here
  2. I cannot download. When i acces your link it says: †You need permission!†Look at this printscreen:
  3. Why it asks for a permission?
  4. F700BT F710BT F900BT F910BT 20145 Q2 EU Maps

    Any update of the maps available?
  5. Hello. Can someone please upload Cardinfo.cif and VERINFO.DAT for Avic F20BT? Thank you!
  6. Hi there. I have 2 questions, if anyone can help me. Question 1: The 2015 map update includes a firmware update? Question 2: If there is no firmware update (not BT) in 2015 map update, where can i find one? Thank you all for your work!
  7. Hello. With all the files on the sd, do i need to enter a password before the update procedure starts? Thanks.