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  1. AVIC-8200NEX Incompatible USB

    Just throwing this out there for more info here in case someone thinks Pioneer fixed the spotty hit and miss android auto support. They didn't. My Pixel XL (current level all software) doesn't work with the 8200NEX. I'm on firmware 1.04(the latest) on the HU. All the update did was change the smartphone menu so you can easily disable avicsync. I've tried 3 of th cables on Pioneers site they recommend with no change. The workaround on Pioneers site just shows you how to disable Avic Sync and says that if Avic Sync is on Android Auto won't work and vice versa.. I even pulled the HU and plugged directly into the back, even tried on the iPhone port(which works great with my iPhone and Apple car play). The Pixel does work in a company car on android auto. No idea if another Android Phone will work. Might try with a friends some day. I've also reinstalled everything just in case something was corrupted. So annoyed with this kind of thing. You get the top radio and then what you would expect to be the one phone you wouldn't have issues with (google pixel) and it's just garbage.
  2. Firmware update headache

    Sometimes manufacturers put their proprietary crap ware on the USB stick. I don't remember if Sandisk is one of them but probably something like that. Certain versions of windows see it as executable and run the autorun.ini which is hidden by default. I'm guessing that's part of the problem.
  3. AVICSYNC app for iOS (iPhone 6)...sucks

    I really wanted this for my 8200nex, now I just think why bother. It could have been great too.
  4. 8201NEX Reviews??

    I have an 8200 + Maestro and love everything. The only possible complaint I could have is the startup time and it's still only about 15 seconds but if I left it loud, the last 5 seconds of that is aloud audio waiting for the buttons to work to turn it down. Minor complaint but overall great stereo and wouldnt trade it for Alpine or Kenwood. Either way though I think anything in that price category is a great radio to start with.