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  1. Does Z1 show accurate speed???

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my rims/wheels. I found a very noticeable difference in gas mileage. I knew it would change, but I thought it would be close to negligible. I'm tryin to see how inaccurate my speedometer is now. I was wondering if the speedomoter on the GPS would show accurate if it was connected to the VSS or would it just show whats going on my dash? Thanks, Shak
  2. Portable Alternative to an AVIC?

    i think when it comes to off brand navs, you get what you pay for.
  3. JVC KD-NX5000 Help

    did u find it?
  4. Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U

    i'm surprised to read good reviews about the strada.
  5. Blackbird II finally up on Crutchfield...

    anyone ever use the blackbird II?
  6. Panasonic Strada

    wow u liked the strada better than the z1?
  7. My likes and dislikes of the DNX7100

    thanks for the helpful review.
  8. 3D maps coming soon!!

    looks nice
  9. Before I buy it...

    yep, ^^^ is correct.
  10. good bypassable unit.
  11. Speaker Reccomendations

    JBL, Diamond, Rockford Fosgate.
  12. JL Auido ZR650-CSI

    if u use a good amp they sound really nice.
  13. capacitors

    capacitor usually isn't gonna solve the problem if you need A LOT of juice. may need to skip on the capacitory and get a kinetick battery with battery isolator.