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  1. Hi Sanik, Do you have the software to install Tomtom on my Avic F940BT? He is Up-to-date now with card 2017 from Pioneer. I really want TomTom it's a better navigation. Thank you from the Netherlands

  2. I also have a Kia Rio with the pioneer F940BT. Have you got tomtom running? And if so, how did you do that. I really want TomTom is a better navigation. Thanks.
  3. Succeed !!! I've update my F940BT, I edit RenewalIFLib.dll from the unit end replace it. Than I copy the update on SD-Card and run it with the Pioneer PW: PASSWORDPASSWORD end wait for 25 min. Offset 000019F0: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001A10: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001AD8: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001C1C: 0250A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001C24: 0150A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001A3C: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Now I've the 2017 maps from Europe. Very big thanks to godzilla.
  4. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    Can anyone help me to install tom tom on my AVIC-F940BT with firmware 5.1, I'm not getting boot loader and WINce did not start. Thanks